User Reviews For: Honey-Salt and Bitter Sugar


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JesTal Rating
I really loved this story. Mature, but not overtly sexualised. Really sad when it was over!
Daekin Rating
I liked this one a bit better than the other one (the one with Shun and Matsuda), but I think this one cuts off too soon. Definitely feels like there should be more. Not a lot of closure; feels more like things just started.
ChattyK2125 Rating
I loved this. As much as I love smexy, I also love a really good love story. And this one did not fail with its rejected "hopeful boyfriend" to start." But a 10 year wanting this boyfriend, to have it finally come true was amazing. Sweet! SO Sweet! No penises shown here although in one scene, the guy answers the door naked. So no real nudity. But the Manga is definitely still worth reading!
loopysheep Rating
Artwork is stunning. Reminds me of Aubrey Beardsley, which is why I bought it. The story is beautifully rendered.
brixenne Rating
This is quite a heart-warming story but I wish the characters other than the main one had some development. The ending was a bit rushed and it seemed very one-sided.
naniaquien Rating
It's low key and slow burn which is nice, but the ending felt rushed so it could have benefited from an extra chapter. As it stands the relationship doesn't have that much of a payoff.
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