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ScarletHAP12 Rating
IT WAS WELL WORTH THE 6 TICKETS I SPENT ON THIS TO OWN IT FOR AN INDEFINITE PERIOD. This is one of the best Harlequin I've every read (trust me. I've read a lot a shitty ones). I love the characters and how honest they are with each other. They work together and communicate and respect each other and I love that. The major conflict towards the end of the story was especially well shown to develop the characters and be true to themselves and their wishes, which only helped them develop more. Unlike many characters from other Harlequins, there characters have depth and complexity instead of being flat and predictable. I really recommend it.
Cacoethic Rating
The love interest in this one is amazing. I usually have to be in a certain mood to enjoy harlequin because there are so many tropes that make me angry if I'm not in the mood... This manga features patience, trust and love in a realistic and heartwarming way. Yes I cried! Yes I smiled! Yes it was amazing! Highly recommend this one.
Weeb4Life Rating
Oh boy was I not prepared for these feels. If you're looking for a fun, light-hearted story then this manga is not for you. It deals with some really heavy issues, like trauma, loss, miscarriage and grief, and there are some pretty intense and highly emotional scenes (this is the first time I've seen a Hq lead man cry). I'm impressed by just how well the manga handles these sensitive issues, they're not treated as a plot device but explored with great care, respect and realism. The characters go through so much and react to it all like real human beings, and they overcome their hardships by respecting and supporting each other. The leads already know and are (secretly) in love with each other by the beginning, so the story focuses on further developing a relationship built on and with trust, respect, patience and compassion. They're both devoted to each other and truly only want the other's happiness. Healthiest relationship I've seen from a Hq manga, beautiful and touching story.
Noofar Rating
Beautiful, just a beautiful story!!! It made me tear abit!!! OMG how can parents use their children as if they are toys!!! Good for her taylor fought for herself and her brother sake!!! Jackson and taylor what a wondeful couple they made!! Lance the brother felt like noone wanted him in one scene (my tear glands broke)!! Please read the story, highly recommended
Guest Rating
I love this story i have been reading it over and over. I never get tired of this story.
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