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fionav3 Rating
I can't believe how many points I WASTED on this manga. I kept buying because the high star rating and reviews suggested it was great.Spoiler Alert: It wasn't. The first five issues were pretty much Tsukasa molesting Natsuki, and Natsuki going "No. Stop. Don't." Then, they got together followed by more "No. Stop. Don't." and a big misunderstanding that could have been solved been solved by actual communication before we finally had a single moment of meaningful/cute interaction. Yes, this type of story is a staple of yaoi manga, and usually I am totally fine with it (yaoi fangirl here) but this was SO badly written! Even the smut was bland and generic! I feel so cheated by the review ratings because this was a 12 issue series that I just wasted all those points on, expecting the series to get better and it just got worse with every issue. I want to shake Past Me into never going near this manga but it is sadly too late, so to anyone reading this: don't waste your time or points.
Funtowicz Rating
I loved this! It was great. All of the smut.
Sodapop Rating
I totally recommend this! At first i wasn't sure if I want to pay but after this chapter i was hooked haha.
Shinoshallbugyou21 Rating
What can I say? I didn't like this. I went back to read some of the older series I had read through and couldn't finish at all. Terrible. I love the concept of enemies getting together (A LOT of my OTPs are that) but this just sucks. It is rushed and do NOT read this if you're looking for story of any kind. It is good on the art and concept but it is carried out bad. I do get mildly annoyed seeing the main character in a headband. I get it is to give him a unique, identifying look but...Ok. If you do get this then don't bother reading it. Just look through it for the art and scenes. You'll get 100x more pleasure from it that way. I don't reccomend it at all otherwise and will be moving this one to my 'Trash' bookshelf. Please encourage artists to put more effort into their storylines! I don't like wasting my time or money on nonsense.
Naomi Rating
Loved it!
eboorenta027ejryim Rating
School setting / Festival .
sammylee10 Rating
Was great boys were cute and the story moved well
Scarletdollie5 Rating
It's so heartwarming and cute I love every bit of it! Worth it to buy it all!
battleravyn Rating
This couple is so adorably sweet and sexy.
AnimeDragon12 Rating
I loved it I wish I had tickets to read more