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Funtowicz Rating
I loved this! It was great. All of the smut.
fionav3 Rating
I can't believe how many points I WASTED on this manga. I kept buying because the high star rating and reviews suggested it was great.Spoiler Alert: It wasn't. The first five issues were pretty much Tsukasa molesting Natsuki, and Natsuki going "No. Stop. Don't." Then, they got together followed by more "No. Stop. Don't." and a big misunderstanding that could have been solved been solved by actual communication before we finally had a single moment of meaningful/cute interaction. Yes, this type of story is a staple of yaoi manga, and usually I am totally fine with it (yaoi fangirl here) but this was SO badly written! Even the smut was bland and generic! I feel so cheated by the review ratings because this was a 12 issue series that I just wasted all those points on, expecting the series to get better and it just got worse with every issue. I want to shake Past Me into never going near this manga but it is sadly too late, so to anyone reading this: don't waste your time or points.
Sodapop Rating
I totally recommend this! At first i wasn't sure if I want to pay but after this chapter i was hooked haha.
sammylee10 Rating
Was great boys were cute and the story moved well
Scarletdollie5 Rating
It's so heartwarming and cute I love every bit of it! Worth it to buy it all!
battleravyn Rating
This couple is so adorably sweet and sexy.
AnimeDragon12 Rating
I loved it I wish I had tickets to read more
morteamoureuse Rating
Smutty but sweet at the same time.
eboorenta0f0kpvpcd Rating
The first I read this I laugh my ass off the story is so good i just sorry is not on dvd
Malicamanga Rating
It's a great story line,love how the two got together and how T tease N . Wish they could show how T end up falling for N lol give him is story also.....
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