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AinoKusabi Rating
Each story has its funny moments, and most of the characters are likable.
weirdkid4444 Rating
Don't get me wrong there are some good elements in here, but the stories move way to fast and some of them you find yourself flipping the pages just so you can get it over with and move on to the next one. I know the multiple story angles are hard but this one may need some work.
animepie Rating
This was pretty funny. The characters are adorable but hilarious. The ones with the teachers might have been my favourite just because of cuteness. The art can be a little wonky. That head-body ratio is slightly off-putting in some places.
YokaiAkito Rating
This story is super sexy and super hilarious! The characters are very over-the-top, and the way they interact is just too funny! The art style is very unique, and the sex scenes are really well drawn. I highly recommend this for anyone that likes yanki/bosozoku stories and great sex scenes!
Daekin Rating
I really enjoyed this collection. I would easily read more about each of the couples, especially the glasses one!
TofuToffyHo Rating
So many cute stories packed into one! I absolutely adore all of the timeless tropes being portrayed like this - it's both very humorous and very sweet. The art is gorgeous and also very fitting for the more comedic tones of the story, and the smut is very well drawn. I highly recommend this to anyone! It'll make your day.
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