User Reviews For: Another Wild Night with My Lord!? -Is This Service Part of the Job?-


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amiami22 Rating
It was interesting at first but the sister is just getting too annoying, the story is dragging on around sex without any real solution to the problems. The sister just gets away with everything everytime as well, she manipulates someone, the lord questions MC, sister acts innocent, MC gets abused and the cycle repeats.
Capitulate Rating
Woo boy! This one is stooopid. The plot is nearly incomprehensible from the beginning, and just goes downhill from there. All of the characters are inconsistent except for the old man and Mayumi(who is a witch from the beginning right up until nearly the last volume here). The MC in another story might have been alright, but in this hot mess seems ridiculous. The male lead is all over the place, and the doctor is a decent character that fell victim to a lousy plot. The storytelling is also very inconsistent. Half the time situations seemed to be taking place, then in the next few scenes everyone was behaving like those things never happened. The art is nice, and it was sexy on occasion when it wasn't being creepy, but after the fourth chapter I started skipping ahead cause of the silliness. I ended up reading way more of this than I'd like to admit because I was entertained/fascinated with how it just kept getting dumber. Maybe this is so bad that it's good? Nah, not really.
mcpanda Rating
Started off promising but quickly ends story lines. Also has a lot of incest as the sister continues to try to seduce the brother so...there's that. If you try to hang in there thinking the plot will improve
CrystalRose Rating
I like the story, but it's to short the cliff hangers are becoming annoying, the story starts and already it's ended the sister is annoying...and MC gets abused and blamed. Wish it was a bit longer
Naner Rating
The art can be nice but the "plot" is non existent and everywhere. Theres no flow and drags on about the same thing over many many many chapters. Love interest has no personality and no redeeming qualities.
Hunter Rating
It kind of started too fast for me to understand
Salz89 Rating
I enjoyed each chapter
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