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idgal Rating
Prequel to "Hybrid stardust" with older brother story.Deeper than typical BL, neighbor falls in love with loner guy who lives in house next door, Loner guy is a fake strong type who trys to be selfish but can't, neighbor see through this farcade. Slight bittersweet under tone but finishes happily. I wished there was a after story on their travels.
WindyWing15 Rating
For a story consisting of 196 pages that I purchased and read a 2nd time without knowing that I've already ready it a year ago has got to be good. I was going to opt for rating 3 stars for decency since just as the same with the last time I read it, I recall my first impressions on it being somewhat neutral, and now that I've read it a 2nd time, my feelings are still somewhat neutral. I say "somewhat", because I like this couple and I see potential in them. The storytelling is down to earth and bittersweet which probably explains why I've been able to patiently sit through and read 196 pages twice. So for that, I give props by giving 4 stars. However, it feels like some things are missing, like there just wasn't enough of certain ingredients in the story. Well, for starters, the lovemaking could have been illustrated more sensually or intensely because everything felt so shallow and cut short. There also feels to be some sort of disconnection between Seiji and Rin... I understand that Rin is a loner with a deadpan personality so that's fine, but at the very least, for the amount of time that's passed later on the author could have at least showed more character development or a stronger portrayal of his truest emotions. Also, the focus seems so heavy on Rin, that Seiji ends up almost looking like a side character given that not much is known about his history other than he goes to the same college as Rin. That's understandable since Rin is basically the "Raven" in the title so it makes sense for him to be the focus, but as the Raven's partner, it would have been nice if Seiji had more light shined on him, simply to more clearly present who he is as an individual and why Rin, the "Raven" chose him. It's a good read, but there are too many holes. It had so many holes, that I forgot that I've ever read it a year ago so basically, it wasn't memorable.
Sav13 Rating
I have to say I think this is one of my favourites and will be for a long time. It'd be amiss of me not to mention the beautiful art style that's definitely a draw.This isn't your typical yaoi, and that exactly what makes it so good. It's good enough that queer people can read it without feeling that it's weird or fetishising like most of the genre. The relationship depicted is mixed in with enough elements to make it interesting and a good deal of pull to make this hard to put down once you start. there's never a pointless sex scene without emotional importance to the couple and the storyline. What so many people dislike about this is they find the main character unrelatable or dislike him and that is a matter of personal taste. Avoid this if you're not down with the loner type or complex emotional stuff or if you're only looking for pointless smut then give this a miss.
Kerals950 Rating
I didnt think it could get better but it did!
xxalisonxx Rating
It's incredibly good! Rin was amazing <3
Tintinabule Rating
It's really endearing. I love a story of a guarded character and the love interest who works hard to make him fall for him. It makes the relationship that much stronger. It's interesting that it's a spin off of Hybrid Stardust. The art is better in this one.
Monmonmon Rating
Yet another great story by Unohana sensei. I don't regret buying this.
EmTheHooligan Rating
Oh my heart *swoon*. This was better than its companion story
Makotaz Rating
I read the review, so I didn't expect much, but woah!!! I really like it. It's definitely nothing like extremely good smut or overly lovely-dovey romantic. Nonetheless, I love it! It's an adult love story. It's short, but emotionally deep story. Everything turns out so much better if you just have someone there just for you.
fujoshi0407 Rating
The best :)
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