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EGeary Rating
So far, I adore this series. It's so rare to see a male transvestite and a woman in a relationship. It's MORE rare to see it done WELL. The lead man is presented as a completely healthy, "normal" individual who loves cute things and dressing up as a woman. He presents that side of him with no shame. Also despite being in deep smit as soon as he meets his lady, he does everything he can to avoid pushing when she's not ready. He asks repeatedly if she's okay; if he should stop. Even when he's literally in position. He's incredibly doting and protective without being an overbearing bag of dicks.The main lady DID suffer a significant trauma and I was worried the cross-dressing would be a used like a crutch. However, I was pleasantly surprised. After the initial shock, she does genuine self-reflection and admits she's attracted to him WITH the cross-dressing rather than BECAUSE of it. She even treats the cross-dressing like a common interest that puts her at ease enough to let the relationship develop.The pair of them are utterly adorable together and I hope the story continues like this rather than having some kind of ridiculous "you make me want to give up my cross-dressing ways!" trope. It adds to the charm of the story to treat the cross-dressing so normally. I hope they maintain the cute-loving transvestite adoring his cute lady.
Delormie Rating
Very sweet couple! It's a pretty common trope for "romance" manga to feature a couple that's not exactly what you could call a healthy relationship--overbearing alpha-male types seem to be the norm. That's fine if it's your thing; fantasies are whatever you want them to be, after all. But it's not my thing in particular, and this was a refreshing read. They're very sweet together, but more than that they're a very respectful couple. Rei is careful of Miku's boundaries, and the sex scenes come with consent talks and repeated checks that all parties are still on board (consent is sexy! And the art is sexy, too!). Miku is also very accepting of Rei's manner of dress and make-up--it's not played for laughs or treated like something strange that he has to change in order to be accepted, it's just a part of who he is. 10/10, would recommend ;)
briw Rating
Love it! Can't wait to read more! Definitely going to be a must read if it keeps going! :) <3
Dexter2014 Rating
You know, I started reading this story on a whim since I kept seeing it show up in my recommended, and I must say... I am so, so glad I gave this a read! In fact, I wish there were more stories like this. So often many stories in this site's category are so often focused on the "physical" and seems all to predictable or unrelatable. Not that its a bad thing with a lot of romance stories since it is fiction after all. But, and while this story also shows the physical side of things, I was so refreshed to see an actual genuine mental -emotional relationship between 2 characters who accept each other as they are and how much respect they show toward each other is something I wish more authors displayed on this site in their stories. I don't write reviews too often, but this was an absolute delight to read and would highly recommend this as a must read to anyone here. I will eagerly await every update from here on out and hope there is more to follow soon.
Kaiya1331 Rating
I'm so in love with this series!!! I wish it updated so much more quickly. At first I was hesitant about it simply because I'm not a big fan of Yuri, but this isn't even Yuri, and Rei's androgynous nature is fantastic.
Nanakko Rating
My god i never thought i will be into these strange relationship so much!The design, the story, the character everything is a real turn on! <3^^
xy92345 Rating
So far so good, loving the whole plot and the artist who drew for this :) hope more chaps will keep updating soon!
LettuceGarden04 Rating
I love it! The guy in this one is only a tiny bit pushy in comparison to many other smut manga here, which is a breather. He's a bi character which is rare to see and I love how he can be feminine or masculine at times. He's a real sweetheart to the heroine too, helping her with her phobia and protecting her <3. I high recommend reading this!
Celfox Rating
I liked this way more than I initially thought I would as I'm not a fan of yuri (it is clear early on this is not the case though). The plot worked superbly and I was hooked. It's wonderful to see a depiction of a healthy relationship between a woman and a man who cross-dresses, which in turn also helps the protagonist with her fear of men. I feel like a lot of people would love to have someone as charming as Rei in their life ^^
xJashinda Rating
This is amazing!! It's honestly a good read, I love Rei, he's so kind and sweet, and is so hot. xD This is a perfect read for women like me who like men like Rei, he's perfect. ^^ So please update soon!! <3