User Reviews For: My Housekeeper's a Boy!?


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1life1love Rating
I enjoyed it at first. Nothing sexual in this which I was hoping for to be honest. The ending was eh..... but it was strong start. I felt like it just ended. *sigh* *spoiler* they don't become anything more than housekeeper and classmates*
cherrypepsi18 Rating
This was a cute title, but the chapters were too short and the ending was abrupt. I finished through the last volume and expected there to be more, but it just...ends. No wrap up.
Nigsea Rating
This is way too cute!
Shathisaperera Rating
I felt it was really cute but... It just ended so... The rest is up to my imagination... So I imagine they both actually end up together... I loved the feelings but it was short... Hope there was more to read...
xanimeprincessx Rating
It was very cute and I might have given it a higher score if it did not end so abruptly. Like it seemed they were on their way to developing mutual feelings but then it just ends? Boo!
Mixfruit Rating
I always like a man that can cook and do laundry
ebookrenta0szuyuy83 Rating
THE BOI IS CUTE!!!! That is all I'm saying.
monicalam978 Rating
How is this completed? The author left us hanging!!!!
franna Rating
This was a good series but too short. It ended rather abruptly which is why it earns an overall 4 stars instead of 5. If there were another few chapters it would have easily been one of my new favorite reads. It is sweet and adorable and I love the characters.
noizumikun Rating
Really sweet romance. Love the art, love the pacing. Can't wait for the next chapter to come out!
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