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animepie Rating
It was nothing too deep but it was pretty cute. I admit I liked the dynamic of the first couple over the second because Yu was so cute but prickly. Lol. The third couple was pretty sexy. And the fourth was cute but the cats were so pretty.
fionav3 Rating
I loved the first couple because Yu was such an interesting character - I loved how aware he was of his own flaws. The second couple didn't really grab my attention, but I enjoyed them when they mingled with the first couple (Yu's brother complex and his reaction to the brother's boyfriend were a LOT of fun!). Third couple was pretty steamy, and I enjoyed their interactions, but the fourth couple were VERY dull. I skimmed most of their story. Overall, this was a decent collection of stories, but I do find it a little irritating when I buy a manga for a story and end up with only one chapter because the rest is a collection. I mean, I know the blurb states this, but most manga story collections that only describe one story in the blurb usually focus on that story with a few other shorter ones. In this instance, I got 1.5 chapters of the story I bought the manga for a bunch of others that I was less invested in. I definitely wanted more of the first couple.
biggestrebel Rating
A fun set of stories! I actually enjoyed each couple, they were all unique and different from each other. They would have all benefited from being longer and maybe their own volumes but I'm just glad I got to read it! I especially loved the last one and would have read 50 volumes of them instead of the 1 we got.Sensei!!!!! We love this! Please give us more!!!! TT
ChiiMotosua Rating
I really like this one a lot. I've reread it about 3 times, and it's super cute. It's fluffy and adorable, not too angsty, which I prefer. There's definitely the smexy time, so you get a good amount of both, but not overly excessive. Also, you really get your money's worth - there are several stories, which I appreciate. I highly suggest it. 10/10! ^_^
GregorIAN Rating
Kinda blah. The last story was sort of cute, but it just left me sort of bored. Very superficial.
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