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techatina Rating
Pretty cute for a light read. Though I feel like the Ukes feelings are never completely solidified. The ending seemed slightly incomplete? Like open for a 2nd volume or omake.
AinoKusabi Rating
Good story so far, hope the ending is decent.
Nieryl Rating
Seriously, reading in Renta! Is different. I feel weird because I'm not used to it.Have you read about Super Lovers manga by Abe Miyuki? This short story kinda reminded me about that. This kid with his stubborn effort and how he accepted his bro's feeling.
usarei Rating
Such a cute story!
Ayala55 Rating
Both guys are really intense, its not an overly emotional story of love but a story of walls put up to avoid getting hurt and it has a touch of realism in there most yaoi doesn't have.
daisuke Rating
Wow, the art is amazing and the story wraps up nicely in just six chapters. I was very pleased with it, totally worth the buy!
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