User Reviews For: I'll Make You Mine... -Mistress of a Big-Shot Gangster-


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nikkininja Rating
Beautiful art! Hope to see more of this one! :)
kurousagi Rating
This type of story is just not for me; the 'young, ignorant female but give her a valuable career so she doesn't seem completely vapid'.. Really!? You're a cop and all you did was have sex, search all of 5 minutes a day for evidence and have more sex. No interrogation techniques, check his phone, what about his LAST vapid.The guys were cute, I guess...
MenaOk Rating
If you like The Artist and the Beast, you will like this. Also the art is good and consistent.
MissAndy Rating
I LOVED THIS! The story was actually a story! It wasn't just about the smuttiness of the work, but the relationship and the building of one. I loved this and I will be reading this over and over again.
1life1love Rating
I loved every bit of the love making hehe. I have naughty thoughts. I just kinda wish the ending was a little different but overall I enjoyed it. Lots of naughty scenes. This could have added another manga/chapter too. Lol but I enjoyed it. *thumbs up*
aliceanimelover Rating
Either that's how they do "stake out" in Japan or the author did zero research before creating this. Lol! The idea for this story is about as cheesy as the woman without money to pay the plumber man/pizza delivery guy. Lmao!
theakaneko Rating
Very hot, lots of excitement, fun from beginning to end. Well worth the tickets.
bananaheaven1991 Rating
This was a really steamy manga!!
Aillin69 Rating
It was cute and very sexy ^--^Liked it alot
swimmergal1207 Rating
Really good series! Actually had plot besides the yummy sex! I wish there were just one more chapter though just to wrap things up, kinda just leaves the ending for the reader to decide what happens but still worth the read!
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