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MintTea Rating
To start off, Kei is not a vampire as the description says. The author explains this at the end of the manga. If I had to guess what Kei is, I'd say an incubus. With that out of the way, I enjoyed reading this. It has a good balance of sex and love with mystery. The art is well drawn despite a few instances of chibified characters which I feel breaks the mood. It's a nice story, but I feel like something is missing. Maybe it should have been longer. I still recommend reading.
Doggerz Rating
WAIT GUYS GIVE THIS BOOK A CHANCE THERE'S A SPIN-OFF THAT EXPLAINS THIS BOOK'S PREMISE IN MORE DETAIL.Hopefully I kept some of you from giving up on this book right away with that CAPS-lock. First thing I'll say: the reviews before me aren't exactly wrong. This book doesn't explain a whole lot about Kei's kind.BUT!!!The spin-off of this one just became available on Renta! today (Dec 2020), and it explains SO MUCH, about that story AND about this one, too, and boy did this whole premise pull at my heartstrings once it all tied together. I really recommend you try this one as a rental and read the spin off "Goodbye, See Ya" so it all makes sense to you, then upgrade to permanent if you like the combined universe this author's spun together!
fionav3 Rating
Plot is kinda weak. Kei is an incubus not a vampire, how he forgot his past is never clearly explained, Rei and the other Seme felt like a last minute interjection to create some jealousy and drama... It wasn't a bad manga per say, but weak plot wise. Glad I rented and didn't buy (seriously love that option on this site).
eyeshalfclosed Rating
The previous reviews are a little misleading. If you read the author's note at the end, they say that originally Kei was a vampire but they realized they hadn't drawn Kei sucking blood at all. So that gives background to Kei's story in the sense that's he was originally vampire and therefore no other information on him being a non-human was really needed. The story itself was rather simple and quick paced - renting it is a better choice than buying it.
SarcasticIrony Rating
Pretty good. Definitely a fun read, but not the best. There's no vampires, but incubus- type creatures. I'd like to see Rei's story now that I've read Kei's!
belovedless Rating
This was mostly smut with a smattering of bad storytelling. Every emotional scene where kindness and affection were shared was followed by a sex scene, and it honestly got tiring. The seme did not have a personality outside of the being obsessed with the uke, and I'd say it was almost the same for the uke towards the seme as well. I managed to finish the story, but I will not be reading the spin-off with the backstory. I'm not invested enough to understand what kind of paranormal creature Kei is.
Torihakarau Rating
Was a sweet story with interesting characters and true love. Third party rival did not create unnecessary drama which was nice. Worth buying!
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