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animepie Rating
Well that was definitely suspenseful and such a complicated situation. A story about betrayal, love, and friendship. I got a little teary-eyed at the end. I'm quite satisfied with the ending. I just really like the couple in the story. Plus men in suits ftw.
AinoKusabi Rating
This story is not about the sex, but all about friendship and keeping a promise. Three childhood friends meet as adults and become embroiled in a property development scam and their feelings are put to the test. Same old plot with a refreshing twist; the men actually love each other.
This one receives a 5 from me. I loved it. I'm glad the volume did not contain any one-shots and it focused on our main characters. The story line, the characters, the setting, the drama, the art - nicely woven. Some viewers felt the story was rushed but I found it well-paced. Promises made, promises broken, miscommunication, mistrust, one-sided love, scapegoat. I was taken aback by the actions of a side character... And he's mostly to blame for the uproar, but if not for him, we wouldn't have our story. Man's pretty darn sexy too. I'm glad the story ended on a positive note for everyone.
StreetUrchin Rating
More of a 4 star. It's a little rushed. It's sweet and has a lot going for it.
Cattails Rating
The story felt rushed, and there was very little chemistry between Ren and Tsukasa (and it was written like there was going to be a love triangle with Kaito, but there wasn't? Which was very confusing. The relationships just weren't well-developed, and Kaito's existence seemed to be purely as a plot device). Overall, it felt very forced and undeveloped with a couple cute moments scattered throughout.
Parsnip Rating
A moving romance drama with a dash of the erotic. I really appreciated how the relationships evolved. I was even engaged by the plot, which is not something I can always say. Definitely worth it in my opinion.
fionav3 Rating
This was really well written! Great plot, pacing and characters. I thought the property development plan played out quite well, and I loved how loyal Ren was. I docked one star as the ending felt a tiny bit rushed, but other than that this was a really well written yaoi manga. Lovely art too.