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watsongirl4f Rating
OMG!! I love this story... It's so addictive!
mariaflora1208 Rating
Oh my, seme looks so sadistic, I love it! And the 1st chapter is SO interesting I might go bankrupt with these stories XD
nyanja Rating
A good mix of naughty and nice! I enjoyed the light Dom/sub themes. It was interesting to see how the Dom guy's feelings developed and how he went from wanting to do thing TO the sub to wanting to do things FOR the sub. I hope the sequel volumes explore their feelings and dynamic more in that direction. My main quibble is that the sub's character arc was pretty static; by the end of the volume, he hadn't really seemed to have changed in any way compared to the beginning. I'm curious to see if he changes in the next volume at all.
urara Rating
They may have started out on the wrong foot but I'm glad and happy when Tsukasa finally reciprocates Danno's feelings and even tried to be considerate of his wants like that's so sweet~~The art is gorgeous and the sexy scenes are delicious despite being censored, love it!!
GregorIAN Rating
Surprisingly sweet.
JulieIrondonis Rating
I am glad I read the reviews...they were right! This story and the artwork was great.
SynapseError Rating
Quickly becoming one of my favorites. Rand through twice now and I still love it lol it's one of those stories I'll keep coming back to. I kinda wish they would make another story where they're grown and out of high school, still in love, just having newer and more experiences. But I do love it how it is lol
CrazyCatLady Rating
At first I was so damn irritated with Tsukasa, and wanted to kick Danno in the ass. Thankfully they both redeemed themselves! This story will make you a bit sad, a bit frustrated, a bit horny ;), and ultimately you'll catch the warm fuzzies. So friggin adorable. Now off to read volume two!!
biggestrebel Rating
it was really cute but i did feel it went a little fast and would have preferred more time w the characters. Either way, i enjoyed it!
funbrillo Rating
I love this manga. It is one of the first ones I read when I started reading BL and I find the story beautiful how their love develops.
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