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watsongirl4f Rating
OMG!! I love this story... It's so addictive!
GregorIAN Rating
Surprisingly sweet.
JulieIrondonis Rating
I am glad I read the reviews...they were right! This story and the artwork was great.
SynapseError Rating
Quickly becoming one of my favorites. Rand through twice now and I still love it lol it's one of those stories I'll keep coming back to. I kinda wish they would make another story where they're grown and out of high school, still in love, just having newer and more experiences. But I do love it how it is lol
CrazyCatLady Rating
At first I was so damn irritated with Tsukasa, and wanted to kick Danno in the ass. Thankfully they both redeemed themselves! This story will make you a bit sad, a bit frustrated, a bit horny ;), and ultimately you'll catch the warm fuzzies. So friggin adorable. Now off to read volume two!!
biggestrebel Rating
it was really cute but i did feel it went a little fast and would have preferred more time w the characters. Either way, i enjoyed it!
funbrillo Rating
I love this manga. It is one of the first ones I read when I started reading BL and I find the story beautiful how their love develops.
Rachel Rating
Awww so cute! I love it!!! Just wish it wasn't censored...
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