User Reviews For: Our Little Secret [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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doomsy Rating
Very sweet and funny. I wish the MC was bolder about his feelings but I think it makes it nicer when he lets his emotions show. There should really be another volume because it felt like things were just getting good at the end.
jalsy Rating
Friends with benefits becoming into something more! This is a sweet, cute, fluffy story with likeable characters and no pesky third wheels. The side characters were supportive and added and interesting difference to the story. Very refreshing.
animepie Rating
Wow. I really like these two. I especially like when Keisuke is being honest. He
Murphy3389 Rating
Ended as it got really rolling, needs more chapters. It was fun and sweet though. A nice change for the genre. I enjoyed it a lot.
hushsee Rating
This is one of the sweetest bl. I love those two so much. They are so cute so sweet together. Not that khch angst or drama at all just two boys who loves each other a lot. Also IKUTA Mugi's lovely art
Mell Rating
It was a sweet story. In the beginning it looked like it was going to be all about the sex, but they actually have a really deep and fulfilling relationship and I enjoyed reading this
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