User Reviews For: Realization from Transformation! Love Is a Battlefield!


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animepie Rating
That was really cute and funny. It seemed pretty fast-paced but I guess they do have history. Wish there was more but glad to not drag in unnecessary drama.
Cris Rating
Very fast paced, slapstick, man in a dress for shock humor. If you were hoping for a fun manga that actually takes an okama character seriously, this isn't it.The sex scenes are well drawn and hold their own. The author draws great erotica, but for me the childhood-friend-delinquent-crossdressing gimmick falls short of entertaining.
hirune Rating
If you're an avid reader of BL, you'll find this super cliche. The story is quite rushed and that's what makes it seems so. I think if the manga's a bit longer and they develop the scenario longer that it'll be better. 3 stars from me because it's not that bad, just cliche.
morteamoureuse Rating
The story might be short, but I think it's the perfect length for a fluffy, funny romance. Go read this after getting your heart broken by another manga. It's so cute, it ought to cheer you up!
lokie1808 Rating
This manga is so cute it should be illegal. Oh my god, I love it so much - I strongly recommend this! It's just a shame there wasn't more :(
ijimenez1128 Rating
Very cute and funny manga. I strongly recommend
YokaiAkito Rating
This story was just too cute! The art style is amazing, and the characters were really kind! Plus, the story was pretty funny and very heartfelt! I highly recommend this mamga!
striderincident Rating
This has such a fantastic art style and a great little story, absolutely one of my favs. Also I love that the owner of the bar is such a good side character, it really gives Daigo that support he needs. 10000/10 would buy again/buy more if more stories came out
djmeowmix247 Rating
It's super cliché but cute nonetheless. If you're looking for a breather yaoi, something lighthearted, or something to cleanse the soul after reading some f'ed up manga, this is the one for you
LEi573 Rating
This first chapter is really good
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