User Reviews For: Me, My Trainee,And the Sequel to Our Love


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alcieR Rating
This is such a good sequel to the first part. Their relationship is so sweet and unique. I want more!!
MioAkiyama Rating
I got happy , excited, cried, Depressed, hurt and I got happy again. The discrimination is so close to reality that we all Can relate to. I truly truly enjoy thIs volume. I'll see you in the next final volume ,!!
pandaquit Rating
All the characters are so lovable and I really like Tomoaki (seme), I just can't help rooting for him, he's so cool and such a good guy... This book was a good sequel and I'm happy to see the next volume.
Daekin Rating
Such an amazing sequel to the first volume. I love the story and the characters. It's almost like I believe it could really happen and it makes me all the more hopeful for the main characters.
Mangahangry Rating
This second volume had much more emotional impact then the first. I really enjoyed how the story continued and the closer they became. Their relationship is still so sweet and I love seeing things from both their points of view.
ritachi Rating
Usually stories suffer the sophomore slump, but this trilogy does not. In fact, it builds and improves upon the prequel while leading up to the final book. While the first book comes off as an ideal world where gays are accepted warmly in the workplace, this second book takes a step back and acknowledges that not every workplace is like that. If you liked the first book, you'll love this one so much more. It definitely is worth the price - every penny!
TouchTheSound Rating
This was such a great sequel. It just kind of picks up where the original left off and the story is still amazing!
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