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Amt7882 Rating
THIS IS AMAZING!!! BUT WHERE IS CHAPTER 10? I'm dying here! I have reread and reread and reread. I love so much of the story and the characters and the way they love each other so please for the love of all that is good and holy release chapter 10!
Morgaleigh Rating
Off to a great start! This is so refreshing and different. Loving the main characters so far and I am looking forward to there next meeting!
MenaOk Rating
The heroine is really something, haha. She's naive but she's not shy at all. The contrast between the two characters is really funny. Great read!
Foreversapphire Rating
So cute and really refreshing! I love the art style and the main guy is really cool. I look forward to the new chapters!
Malice Rating
I... I absolutely adore this series. At first, I bought the first couple volumes out of curiosity, but I couldn't restrain myself from immediately buying all the way up to the current volume, the ninth one. Mr. Fujishima, the male lead, presses all the right buttons for me. He may be, quite possibly, my favorite character on this site. He is surprisingly complex and extremely sexy. He is mature, has indomitable self-control, is secure in his career and goals, and doesn't quite know what to make of the female lead, Rio. Now, Rio is just as complex, and she's a very unique character, unlike a lot of cookie-cutter female leads out there. She is naive in a way that directly contradicts how candid her personality is. She knows what she wants, and she will go after it with everything she has--but, at the same time, she's new to sex and feelings for another person, which she eventually develops for Mr. Fujishima throughout the course of their "fuck-buddy" relationship. Seriously, I can't wait for the next volume. I'm practically salivating for it.
Cuzcatz Rating
Everything about this series is so cute , it has that bittersweet drama in the middle both trying to figure out their feelings , and I love both characters development throughout this stories, I love the girl MC really funny, and charming in her own way
HimeHime Rating
This manga is gold ! You have romance, comedy and erotic scenes at the same time. The main characters are really funny and well-built. In one hand, you have Rio, a romance novelist who has difficulties to write sex scenes...and so she decided to learn how to have sex ! In another hand, you have Mr. Fujishima, a banker who answered her demands, as foolish as there are ! I love how their relationship is developping, not too fast, not too slow. The main characters are like opposites, but there is great chemistry between them. Conclusion : If you want a very hilarious and cute romance with a lot of smut, this manga is for you ! ^_^
Penesis Rating
Been a long time since I've felt this way about a series. Highly recommended. Steamy, quirky, funny, charming, with a refreshing plot. Overlooking the slight presence of cliches, this one is a gem!
Mina Rating
Wow, this is just perfect. I love the couple, the second chapter is as good as the first, so I think the following will be too. Worth every penny! I'm rarely a re-reader, but i read the first chapter now three times i think. Its so funny, lovely and hot :) the guy is also a real tsundere, what i love.
ScarletHAP12 Rating
I love this. The guy is such a gentlemen. Even though he wants to, he knows she only wants him to teach her and doesn't take any advantage of her. But I have it four stars because the female character is a little predictable and the male lead is the only one holding up this story.
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