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pyxlflip Rating
The story is excellent, but be prepared to wait months and months between updates. Pretty sure I've been checking this on and off for a couple of years now. Of course most chapters end with cliffhangers, which makes the erratic update schedule even harder to deal with.
Atilollipop Rating
I was loving this but now I'm getting tired of the female MCs stupidity, there are limits to things and how could someone her age not understand boundaries. I don't know if I care anymore out the outcome; this story is becoming a huge task to read.
SugarBunny Rating
Absolutely wonderful. Art is beautiful and the characters are both believable and humorous. Off to a great start all though updates are awfully slow coming.
sinensis Rating
SQUEEEE! The characters are adorable, and the story flows very well--lots of comedic moments mixed in with sensual ones. There were scenes that had me giggling out loud. XD I don't want to spoil anything, but I had a great time reading this manga and look forward to the next installment. Highly recommend. :)
PlzLookIn2UpdatingAp Rating
EYYYYY. I can reread this and still enjoi
xanimeprincessx Rating
I absolutely adore this one. It is cute, fun, sexy. The main characters are great, and the story is entertaining. Every time it updates you can bet I am immediately here for it.
kyokobaby Rating
I've read all three available volumes 4 times in the 24 hours that I've had them, it's that good. He's so grumpy and put-upon and she's so... almost aggressively straightforward yet so clueless. I love it. I love everything about it. I'm actually kind of dismayed the author doesn't have any other works available, and that I have to wait for additional volumes of this one!
arekushisu25 Rating
I really enjoy this series. I just wish it would update sooner and not leave me on a cliff hanger. It's been months and I legit check every day to see if there's a new chapter update. Please please release something soon ????
Jangjangdynasty Rating
I've read until chapter 14 and so far the art style is fantastic. The heat level for the sex is off the charts. The plot is simple but executed well and at a good pace. The characters are amusing too. My only gripe is that the main heroine's ignorance is gonna hurt a lot of people. Once her feelings get into play, she'd have to be a class A idiot or autistic to not have some degree of self awareness and empathy for others. This character flaw in a supposed writer of erotic romance (the heroine)?a book genre supposedly saturated with emotions?is hard to swallow. Ignorance and idiocy are different, so I hope the artist/author quickly differentiates the two as the plot and characters develop. Can't wait for the next chapter. It seems to be taking awhile.
ebookrenta022tf42oi Rating
Super sexy and hot with lots of sensual drama. Rio is a cute protagonist. Her innocence is so funny and endearing. Mr Fujishima is hot, if a bit of a clueless guy. I'm not in love with Hikaru, but the triangle dynamics are fun. Great art. Fun story. Hot smut. Everything I could want in a manga!
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