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MissMaus Rating
Dramaaaaaaaaa. Omg this is sinfully good. A precious cinnamon roll obsessed with a man who he thinks doesn't reciprocate his feelings and a very sweet boy who wants to protect him. A must read for anyone who wants to see a nice boy triumph over a douchey, manipulative adult.
fionav3 Rating
I was gonna give this a 5 star all the way up to the last issue, but then I docked a star because the ending felt very rushed and was kind of unsatisfying. It's not that it's a bad ending per se, it just feels week coming after the first five issues which were SO. DARN. GOOD! No seriously, I absolutely adored the first five issues. Takumi was such a genuinely nice guy, and I loved how Yukiya, for all his beauty, was so vulnerable. I actually thought he was prettier than his sister, and he's easily one of the prettiest drawn ukes I've ever come across. I loved watching how their relationship unfolded and evolved. It felt natural...right up until the end. Which was part of my issue with the ending. The other issue is that it was very unclear what the older guy's motives were towards Yukiya: was he obsessed with him or just genuinely using him as a model? The manga never made clear his motivations. But overall, nice manga and lovely art.
TouchTheSound Rating
I am really loving this story. The main character is so easy to fall in love with and his personality is great. I'm excited to read until the very end!
belovedless Rating
I love everything about this story. The characters are likeable with real personalities, and the storyline really pulls you in! I hope for an update soon!
Digitalbaby Rating
Sweet story! Loved the fact that the main character was genuinely a nice guy.
Rieuna Rating
I really love this series. It's really beautiful and short, and the main character is very likable and is just such a good guy overall. You just end up wishing for both character's happiness. There was some pretty dark themes in here and I really disliked a certain character (he literally makes me feel disgusted), so I wish there were more happy moments at the end to balance out the sad parts. Even so, I really treasure this reading experience.
ecaillesdelune Rating
Interesting and provoking read, the end was okay and a bit expected? I had fun reading it. :3
Chescka Rating
Really love this one...It's really amazing
Nemo1 Rating
This is a great read! It's depressing, sexy, and cute all at the same time.
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