User Reviews For: Gelateria Supernova -Royal Vanilla- [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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SakuraLily Rating
I enjoyed the first volume of Gelateria Supernova, but I LOVED this volume. There was very little drama and angst (which I have never been very fond of) and it was so incredibly sweet. It was wonderful to see their relationship develop even more. They are the cutest couple! I loved this so much. I've read at least fifty books on this site, but I think this one was my favorite out of all of them. I hope I get to see more of this couple in the future.
MayInu Rating
Very good sequel. Provided development for the couple, lots of fluffiness, smut and the right amount of angst.
Renshel13 Rating
Super cute sequel. The first volume was angsty and moody with a satisfying ending. This second volume starts as low tension, sweet fluff that's easy to enjoy with a little manufactured drama towards the middle that quickly sets the stage for reconciliation. The standard romance formula. Super sweet with the right amount of smuttiness.
EmTheHooligan Rating
SOMEONE FAN ME. I can't breathe with how much I'm sighing in delight, giggling like a little kid, and laughing at the adorableness. Please save me, I must be drowning in this great part 2 to this make-me-crave-gelato story.
catibarr Rating
I love the drawings and the continuation of the story, in this volume we know more about the second protagonist, which we didn't get to know in the 1st vol, and we see how their relationship deepens and develops. Overall a very enjoyable reading experience, I do not regret buying it.
JiJu Rating
Really like it. Good point not such much drama. A good manga for in-between.
Hotaru2018 Rating
This has seriously just become my favorite story (along with it's prequel) on here. This is the sweetest, most touching story with such wonderful character development. The artwork is fantastic too. I freaking love these two so much, they're adorable together. I love how their relationship changes and grows over time. I've already done my second read through and just had to write a review. Well worth the points. I know I'll be reading this again.
CrazyCatLady Rating
Such a sweet, low tension read. I absolutely adore this couple. There's a nice sense of realness to them. And, as in the prequel, the art is wonderful.
Muminuke Rating
Nice and cute. Still first Vol was better :) But if you are in to calm romance, you will like this one too. Easy read for the cozy evening.
animepie Rating
Oh my god. I love these two. This and its prequel. I just love seeing Tomo and Naoki happy. It was nice seeing the couple transition from where its prequel left in their relationship, getting past boundaries and understanding each other and themselves. And omfg was it sweet! You get to see things in Naoki
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