User Reviews For: Carrying the Sheikh's Heir


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baekmari Rating
I loved it! The art is beautiful and the storyline is really sweet. Overall, the story and characters are very pure :)
ebookrenta2807 Rating
The art is the only nice thing about the manga.The story is all over the place with no concrete pacing,jumping from one thing to another in a very unnatural way and building a connection with the characters is impossible.Read this if your feeling truly bored as there no worth otherwise!
K Rating
First I would like to say the drawings were amazing and just beautiful but the story was mediocre and the MC is supposed to be intelligent but made stupid decisions other than that it was ok
NMAT64 Rating
Glad I only rented this. The art work is nice, but the story isn't to me anyway. He kidnapped her and nobody in her store says anything or called police? And all she did was do a weak protest against her kidnappers? And then she ends up with the Stockholm syndrome and falls in love? And the sister and brother-in-law don't call the American government? I hated the story, just 2 stars for the art work.
Seelu Rating
Cute story with beautiful art, but not for me. Pacing was weird and the character's emotions were unbelievable - I couldn't emphatize with the heroine. It's like a teenager wrote this.
1life1love Rating
Very cute. Very quick and fast paced and kinda predictable. But it was cute. I
Nuria74 Rating
This is one my favorites, I read more 4 time. It very good.
SAY12 Rating
I loved the story! It was overall filled with pure and innocent love, which is not my isual type. If innocent love is what you like, this would be for you.
Alejandranbc Rating
The best of all this genre! I loved it
DarkMagician Rating
It was very sweet, heartwarming, and thrilling. I really enjoyed it.
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