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amiami22 Rating
2020/05/14 - I'm reviewing this after also reading the Japanese version on Renta. This story starts off very sweet and innocent and revolves around two people who have had a difficult past. This causes them to connect and work together to try and cure the FLs allergy. However, as the story progresses it gets very dark, there is pedophilia and child grooming involved. While trying not to spoil the story, I feel the way that the author showed the manipulation seems too lighthearted. However, this story is still ongoing even in the Japanese version so I'm still waiting patiently for the abuse to be addressed appropriately. I feel for the characters and I really hope they do find happiness and move on, but please read with caution.
kinakina Rating
My favourite manga on Renta! I'm on chapter 13 now and the story gets really dark at one point but I love how both leads are supporting each other in overcoming their trauma and difficulties. If you're here for steamy scenes, please do not expect much because there really isn't much of it. I really wish that they update the manga more often because I am really looking forward to seeing how much their relationship would grow.
Hontoni Rating
This is a story of two damaged people trying to live and love again. The leads both recognize their flaws, but they put the effort in communicating and respecting each other. It is low on smut, so heads up on that. The author does throw a bone here and there which I am thankful for. 8')
Norman14 Rating
I'm LOVING this series! Aesthetically pleasing (cute boys in glasses-yes please!) and the story is fantastic. Satoko is a great MC, sweet but strong despite her "allergy" and Taichi is just about perfect if you like kind, honest, gallant and intelligent men. The usual sadistic boys can be thrilling in their own way sometimes, but good guys make me weak in the knees. I love how their relationship develops and they see new sides to one another. Please, please give us more!
Guest Rating
Definitely one of the best manga out there, story wise this is very very refreshing. If you wish to see a pure love manga with bits of spices in it, this manga is the perfect answer. I didn't expect the story to be so good but now i'm hooked. Can't wait for more updates!
MrRoboto Rating
The idea might seem a little clich辿 - girl is allergic or somehow aversive to hot guys, then befriends and falls for a secretly hot guy. But give this a shot. The storyline has depth. What seems like a cute little romance in chapter one will develop with more backstory for both MCs. As another reviewer mentioned, the flashback sex depicted in chapter 9 isn't romantic or sexy, but it's necessary to understand Taichi.
Zekuu Rating
How can you describe a manga which leaves you breathless, crying, and yet, sweetly optimistic all at the same time? Where past trauma threatens to crush any budding romance blossoming between the main characters? Where there are such bittersweet, hopeful moments that make your heart ache while fearing that neither of them will be able to move past their fears. Two desperate souls who don't think they're worthy of the salvation they seek, but can't help being drawn to each other because they just might find redemption together. If you're looking for a manga which takes time to develop the characters, provides poignantly written backstories to help you understand what each main character has suffered, and leaves you aching for the day when they are finally able to truly love each other - this is the manga you should be reading.
njones22 Rating
This is a excellent read, great story plot and a very interesting journey to love. Both the Satoko and her Taichi have been traumatized when it comes to finding love. I can't wait for the next chapter.
Bananamilk Rating
Definitely a must-read! The first few chapters were fun and made me want to read more. I was hoping to see more romantic development between the two but the story turned deep all of a sudden. I was surprised but got invested in the plot, especially Tai's backstory. Volume 10 ended in such a cliffhanger - Can't wait to read what's going to happen next!
momojinxie Rating
This is probably the slowest burn build up on this site, it progresses really slow but it makes you appreciate every little breakthrough more and more both characters are really loveable and wholesome
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