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geek Rating
Honestly, I was skeptical about the story at first when I rented it... but OH LORDY, WAS I HOOKED! I instantly bought all chapters and I need to know what happens next~ does Takeru have genuine feelings for Satoko? Will Tai ever return her feelings? Will Satoko persist with her confession?? Each chapter seems to make you want for more! I'm totally recommending the story!
PassionDevourer Rating
Love the story. While I have seen the allergy to opposite sex plot before, I like how this one tells it. And while the surface context is a cute romance, it clearly hints at a darker undertone that helps add some real depth to the story. Having just read the fifth chapter, I'm dying to know what happens next and to sneak a peak inside Taichi's (?) head to know why he did what he did. I definitely think it'd be a good idea to learn more about him and his own past if able.
SunnyEWA Rating
I'm at volume 9 and waiting as patiently as possible. It does start with a supper sweet/cute beginning, but the way the story keeps pulling you in from volume 5 on is beautiful. Both of them seem to be socially inept in their own ways and how they became that way is gaining momentum. I hope she gets to protect Tia. I want to thank the author for creating such "real" characters.
SugarG Rating
Really enjoying the build up in this story. Also, Taichi is already a truly interesting character, why can't we figure out what's he thinking exactly... yet.
lineartes1988 Rating
I have a crush on megane boys... And he sound so misterious but at the same time he's cute and sweet. And the story is cute, not agressive, and have a better development. I finish the capter 2 and they ever kiss! But I think is better this way! Even I am soooooooooo curious about next chapter!
bunniefufu Rating
03/15/2018 - CHAPTER 2 JUST CAME OUT: The storyline was genuine and cute with it's quirks but now reading chapter 2 today, It doesn't seems like you typical love story. I do recommend this so far and I cannot wait to see what else happens but I do not regret using the amount of tickets that willCome with each new chapter now.
Oranges Rating
A love story with a plot ! I can
FLCKR Rating
I like this for the most part, but I think it's weird and alarming that the fact that the stepmother is a pedophile isn't explicit or that he or anyone else blames him at all. His own love story is great though
Sighz Rating
Read upto Chapter 16. Definitely some 'trigger warnings' in this one; assault, sexual assault, abuseCharacters are more realistic & well rounded than many. The plot line is engaging & well done. The art work is lovely. Anxiously waiting for new releases
I wasn't sure at first because I was like "How is this going to work??" But his patience with her and her dedication to him as they grow to know each other is admirable and cute! I can't wait to see how everyone evolves and "Learns to love!"
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