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dokidokidead Rating
Bravo! I had a legit heart squeeze when Nanako revealed her reason for hating sex. Little vulnerable moments like that really make romance much more than cat and mouse.
SaraN Rating
An enjoyable workplace romance. I rented then purchased the series. I could have done with a bit more romance from the H. I like sadistic boyfriends to actually care about their partners before they mess with them as much as this guy did. It took him a while to figure it out. I've read through book 7, and as another reviewer said, it could end there, though I would love to see more of them as a couple since we only got a glimpse in book 7. However, there are some unfinished plot points that make me nervous, mainly *** SPOILER *** the step-mom. First, the H needs to tell the h stat. Also, I feel like whatever is going on with his family is going to play a bigger role in their story. Maybe the S-M was only introduced to explain the H's past, but since this series still shows as ongoing, I think that chick's coming home to roost.
Kas Rating
This guy is an ass, that was sexual assault. And what's this about "sloppy seconds"?? HE'S the sloppy seconds, sleeping around and all, how could he say that to a girl?? Smh
cohen5483 Rating
Not entirely sure it's worth reading til the end. I saw all the great reviews and kept hoping the next chapter would get better but throughout the entire series, I just felt "ehh." The personalities of all the characters are atrocious - not entirely saying it was bad writing but the people are terrible beings, whether they started as bad or became bad as a result of other bad people. At some point they do become better but I feel like I'm dragging my feet. There is definitely development but it all came to and end rather quickly, not suddenly, but quickly so I can see why others strongly believe there could have been more. There are def some plot holes that could be filled in like giving more backstory about the family or some resolution with the mom. Just loads of frustration leading up to a confession. If I had to sum this series up in one word, it's SADISTIC. BTW - girl ain't chubby or plump, wtf? That's what I mean by people are just messed up in this story.
kitten91 Rating
It's a very cute story!
Pinkbun17 Rating
This was such a sweet story! Lots of character development and an awesome mc!
Monique Rating
It's a bit awkward and at some points both fast paced and at the same time it's kind of stuck on the same problem. But other than that it's really good - the characters go through development and both have good reasons for how they act. The art is super nice too!
Bigsmilezrina Rating
This turned out to be so unexpected.I really did not expect how sweet it turned.. especially even the matter of her ex afterwards. I thought exes would turn up and cause hell and turmoil. But it stayed focus on the two and for a brief second, you do see both of them change. I liked this one a lot. I recommend this read.I tend to hate super nice heroines and tsundere dudes.. but i oddly was feeling this. The fc is really sweet and a good girl; also persistent but not bad persistent compared to most fc in manga that tries too too (scarily) hard. The guy was.. of course damaged and too cruel most times but his first love was a horrible person. Hes able to be civil and kind. Although.. he is a tsundere nonetheless. Butttt truly a good dude.
Flameysaur Rating
I hope this updates soon. I love the hero.
Flyaway Rating
Such a sweet love story. The girl reminds me of myself, she always tries to help others even when it's on the expanse of her time & health, but where is my Takuma? Where is he? :(The guy is such a tease, but the girl is strong even though she is so sweet; she knows what she wants and she tries to make the MC understands it!The female lead is so cute and beautiful, and the male lead is so handsome and attractive! ^_^There are not many hot scenes as the focus is on the building of the romance, but it is still really nice to read! I I finished chapter 7; you feel like this is the end, but the author is hiding something apparently! I can't wait to see!
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