User Reviews For: A Coward Falls in Love


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stan123 Rating
I thoroughly enjoyed this manga with all the adorable/funny chibi's. Also, the uke is refreshing at times and the seme is such a cinnamon roll. Some people will not like the first chapter but please keep reading because it does get better! :)
SunnyEWA Rating
The last 4 chapters are so worth trying to understand how that first chapter could be the same characters.
bluestreak77 Rating
Amazing! Some smut scenes, but more a story than just for sex. It's a cute story, and I feel worth the tickets. It starts off as blackmail but turns into something else. I like how kawachi looks cool but acts like a total nerd.
Alunsford97 Rating
Super cute, silly and awkward. I thought the flow was good and it left me wanting more even at the very end. Someone mentioned the love triangle at the end needing flushed out and I have to say I think for this story it went exactly how it needed to and felt complete, that being said the character Asuma actually has his own story that is one of my favorites called The Guy I Hate that I absolutely recommend! Especially if like me you liked the character and wanted more of him
belovedless Rating
This story is interesting, and the interactions between the main characters as their relationships build are engaging. There's a bit of a love triangle later on that could have been better flushed out.
Jinx Rating
First chapter had me questioning whether I'd like this but DO keep reading because it gets a lot better and had some heart twinging moments. Art is really unique and the cute, and HOT scenes!
SilkySunshine Rating
I liked this. Kawachi is a funny character.