User Reviews For: Female Pleasure. -I Turned into a Girl and Now I'm Addicted to my Step-Brother-


4.3 out of 5

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Akane Amari Rating
The premise is pretty amusing, but it is still full of erotic moments. I'm a bit exited to see what happens next.
Moonfang Rating
It has a fair amount of smut as you might might expect from the title, but the story itself is actually quite interesting. I'm excited to see where it goes.
Sanson1 Rating
The storyline is really sweet even though there's a lot of smut, which is expected. The art is good too and it can there are also unexpected turn of events.
Lolosb Rating
The story is very interesting. I've haven't read a manga like it before. I like that he already has a girl best friend to talk to, can't wait to see What happens.
Nefaci Rating
The story is quite something, and there isn't a lack of smutty scenes
MisakixUsui Rating
The art is good and the storyline also.. wish to continue reading it
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