User Reviews For: Female Pleasure. -I Turned into a Girl and Now I'm Addicted to my Step-Brother-


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Akane Amari Rating
The premise is pretty amusing, but it is still full of erotic moments. I'm a bit exited to see what happens next.
Weeb4Life Rating
A surprisingly heartwarming manga with generous amounts of very sexy and well-drawn smut. It has plenty of humour and serious moments when appropriate, and the growing love between Nanaki and Souma is well-developed, believable and adorable. I just feel that the series should've ended at book 12 because it ties up the major issues very nicely. Book 13 then outta NOWHERE introduces a completely unnecessary villain, much, MUCH darker themes, and some really uncomfortable dub-con and truly brutal non-con (the latter mostly inflicted on a side character). There's even less (good) smut and the rest just serves to answer the question of the leads' career futures, which I honestly didn't feel was needed, all while leaving other, imo MUCH more interesting issues completely unresolved (Midori's crush on Nana, Izumi's crush on Mr.Miki, the fact the leads are step-siblings and their love is taboo). It all left quite the sour aftertaste. So my advice is read up to part 12 and ignore the rest.
Moonfang Rating
It has a fair amount of smut as you might might expect from the title, but the story itself is actually quite interesting. I'm excited to see where it goes.
Lolosb Rating
The story is very interesting. I've haven't read a manga like it before. I like that he already has a girl best friend to talk to, can't wait to see What happens.
sasaraRH Rating
After reading the entire series i can honestly say it is amazing & worth the read. There're some reviews that had me suspicious bcus they warned dont read after ch.12 or 13, & i was like is there really no plot or storyline left...well there is some, the fact is by ch.13 there r still some unanswered questions that i am so glad got cleared up in the end. Granted the later chapters i feel rush the new antagonist just a bit, but this is a phenomenal read & i highly recommend it.There r so many great things besides the hot H-scenes, which let me say cold glass of water please, hoo, anyway this is an amazing, well thought out story line. The characters r so great & well developed, the art style is fantastic & the issues, plot, themes & everything brought up in this story is well planned & plotted. If u want a great read, w/ hot scenes, great storyline, character development, this is ur story! The entire thing.Enjoy & again highly recommend!
Sanson1 Rating
The storyline is really sweet even though there's a lot of smut, which is expected. The art is good too and it can there are also unexpected turn of events.
thewritinggirl Rating
This was really enjoyable, I loved it, it was humorous too and the smut scenes were hot and plenty. The only thing was that in the last three or so chapters a hell of a lot of drama went down but it was all solved so quickly! I would've much preferred it if they wrote a little more because the drama seemed intense but it was over in a flash, and the whole thing ended super abruptly. But most of it was great!!
GinaViVi Rating
This had me on the edge of my seat, I couldn't put it down
KosmoChu Rating
Rushed ending, good smut, one of the good gender bender books.
TrinaCasey Rating
Rushed ending, but worth the points.