User Reviews For: Only 0.01Millimeter Between My Boss and Me


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Yahiko03 Rating
Darn. That Male MC is GORGEOUS!!! Please add more chapters. Great story so far.
lalelala Rating
Story is surprisingly good and smut is really good.
loopysheep Rating
This is an incredibly well drawn, but not always well translated, manga. It's all worth the money though, because the main characters are pretty well developed. Safe sex and explicit consent are key themes, as is the main female character's drive to succeed on her own merits in the company workplace. Issues of mysogyny are addressed subtly in the background. It's a really great read despite the hiccups in grammar and spelling. And the sex scenes are scorching hot!
ebookrenta0evhl2tyu Rating
Im in love with this..
Jangjangdynasty Rating
Very well paced and heart pounding!
mcpanda Rating
Wow. This one really took me by surprise. It's hot, it's deep, and it's not too cliche. Honestly cannot wait to keep reading. Great character development to boot! (Reviewed after reading five chapters.)
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