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Aili Rating
Instantly became one of my favorite stories to follow. I love strong female characters and this girl not only can fight, but is quite clever too. So far (5 chapters) there's not much romance, but the plot more than makes up for it. The pacing seems to be moving pretty quickly though and I get the feeling we will get more romance soon. Whether our heroine finds love or not, I will keep enjoying this story as long as there's good story telling. I enjoy reading this and have more attachment to the characters than plotless smut, so I highly recommend if you're looking for something with a good story and a good adventure.
Binx0r Rating
Better than romance (and I am an avid reader of romance). This character transcends that genre out of class, willpower, and cleverness. Cannot wait for more.... join me in waiting with bated breath...
Ariadna Rating
This is my favorite series on Renta! Especially because it's about crossing worlds, or isekai, the protagonist is very good at adapting to her new environment and accepted her new reality. Although, every now and then she use her own common sense to achieve what is needed. It's a really funny and sort of dramatic manga. I recommend this to anyone who's looking for something else other than Prince Charming.
MissMaus Rating
First issue and I had tears in my eyes from laughing. I can't wait to see how this goes.
Lunaadmire Rating
Love the story, characters and the plot! If you love a badass heroine mowing through both enemies and politics you'll love this! The hot guys are a plus too!
aeri Rating
Better than expected. I thought there would be more romance but honestly I'm not disappointed at all as of chapter 10. Definitely one of my top 3 series from Renta!
Runar Rating
Even though I've only read the first two books, This Mage Desires Mediocrity is making itself one of my favorite manga on this site, the protagonist is refreshing and her way of rolling with her situation- rather than completely denying it- is something I love seeing in isekai, the other characters are equally amazing. Even though each book is only 28 pages, you can get a lot out of it and still want more.
ScarletHAP12 Rating
A nice fresh take of Isekai. It's very funny. I absolutely love how our main character is just trying to make her way through this new world, living life to the fullest while getting laughs out of other people's drama
alchan Rating
I unexpectedly like it. MC is funny, reliable, and badass. Recommend for any who wan to read badass FMC who don't give any sh*t to romantic interests, even try to spurn them!
ReadMePlease Rating
Definitely going to my list of faves!! The pacing is a bit fast paced in comparison to the novel, I think, but it certainly fits. The story as a whole is doing really great so far! We see classic tropes with some funny and new twists, as well as a protag that you can admire! The other characters are really colorful too! I'm looking forward for more chapters of this.
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