User Reviews For: If the Shoe Fits [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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Seabun399 Rating
Beautiful art! Maybe a tad to predictable but i don't regret buying it. Plus everything's just so pretty you can't help but love it!
Overdressed Rating
Kinky and cute, beautifully drawn. I love the perfekt perspectives and the very lively way it's drawn.
Momoni Rating
Rent it at first, but end up buy it permanently. Predictable storyline but totally worth my money. This dorky pevert cp will be one of my favourite for now. Absolutely will re-read again in future.
Atlas Rating
The art style is beautiful, and the story isn't overdone. It was a really enjoyable read. It had some really funny moments as well. The Uke and Seme were too cute!
Ayala55 Rating
This was surprisingly heartfelt for being a yaoi about a guy with a foot/leg fetish. It was sweet and funny and just pervy enough to satisfy but not creepy. I really enjoyed this a lot!!!!
Lillybelle Rating
Cute Story! I read a drama a with almost the same plot but it was not a BL. so this definitely completed my missing ending that i wanted from the other comic. Love the Story and love the art style.
straysheep Rating
I really like the story and it is super cute
AinoKusabi Rating
Great story, great characters and great art! Need I say more?
noirearrow Rating
This is the author's debut title, and it's incredible! Lovely art and a very steamy story to go with it.
malcosky Rating
This is such a nice and cute story. I
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