User Reviews For: If the Shoe Fits [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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Seabun399 Rating
Beautiful art! Maybe a tad to predictable but i don't regret buying it. Plus everything's just so pretty you can't help but love it!
Lillybelle Rating
Cute Story! I read a drama a with almost the same plot but it was not a BL. so this definitely completed my missing ending that i wanted from the other comic. Love the Story and love the art style.
Overdressed Rating
Kinky and cute, beautifully drawn. I love the perfekt perspectives and the very lively way it's drawn.
straysheep Rating
I really like the story and it is super cute
AinoKusabi Rating
Great story, great characters and great art! Need I say more?
noirearrow Rating
This is the author's debut title, and it's incredible! Lovely art and a very steamy story to go with it.
malcosky Rating
This is such a nice and cute story. I
Keira23 Rating
This manga is so hot and cute ~ highly recommend! I don
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