User Reviews For: Ew! My love letter from 7 years ago was delivered to that pervert!


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pinkapacla Rating
I don't know if I can fully recommend it - the pacing is pretty awkward, characters behaviour don't make much sense - especially the girl, she seems like a brat. At least the drawings are nice.
Aislingisanimdom Rating
After reading the other review I was septical to buy this but dear God I am glad I was! The main character has a childish innocence which perfectly encapsulates someone who has very little experience of the world and the whole, my love letter got sent to the wrong person is a great way of bringing the rom-com tropes into the story without becoming too convoluted.Honestly, it has a feel of a shojo romance which is happening outside of school. I am addicted.
theakaneko Rating
cute, sweet, and lots of smexy... loved it! Totally worth the buy
davu Rating
Good ending
andiekae Rating
The art is cute but that's about it. The characters don't get any development really, the plots moves so quick that it's hard to really feel anything about it. It doesn't feel like there's any real explanations or build up to the ending it just suddenly IS. I wouldn't spend the money on it.
paintmeblue Rating
Such a cute little fluff piece. If you love the devoted ML type this is a great, quick read. Only qualm I have is with the price. The art is good and the story/translation is easy to follow but it's really only worth about 100 points to me. Still bough all three volumes though cause I'm a sucker for romances where the MCs meet again after a long time apart!
Strick Rating
I enjoyed it but the pace was kinda rushed, esp. the ending...coulda been several more chapters if the author had wanted but...not bad for a short story
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