User Reviews For: Ew! My love letter from 7 years ago was delivered to that pervert!


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pinkapacla Rating
I don't know if I can fully recommend it - the pacing is pretty awkward, characters behaviour don't make much sense - especially the girl, she seems like a brat. At least the drawings are nice.
Aislingisanimdom Rating
After reading the other review I was septical to buy this but dear God I am glad I was! The main character has a childish innocence which perfectly encapsulates someone who has very little experience of the world and the whole, my love letter got sent to the wrong person is a great way of bringing the rom-com tropes into the story without becoming too convoluted.Honestly, it has a feel of a shojo romance which is happening outside of school. I am addicted.
Strick Rating
I enjoyed it but the pace was kinda rushed, esp. the ending...coulda been several more chapters if the author had wanted but...not bad for a short story
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