User Reviews For: Sadistic Nature and Masochistic Instinct


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PennyDreadful Rating
Only the first chapter is posted at this review, but this one is hawt, if s&m is your thing. Cute and hot, can't wait for the next chapter.
Stone Rating
It was okay.I've read better sm stories.
wallflowerghost Rating
This was really cute. I don't mind that it only has three chapters, although I do wish it had more just to see more of their dynamics.
sparkout Rating
The premise and execution of this story was fantastic!! I only wish that it had more than three chapters!
pumpkin Rating
The art is good...the story however, it is cute don't get me wrong but I felt like a few more chapters could've fleshed out the story a bit more, I actually thought I was missing a couple of chapters but realised it's finished now like...what? I get it, it's kind of a comedy, sexy story but I really didn't buy that they love each other when they've only met each other for a few times -_-
Ryu395 Rating
Adorable couple with a cutie story. It's not a hardcore S&M story but it works with's this couple.
kk121493 Rating
Title and description made me expect S&M, but there wasn't really any at all. Misleading and therefore disappointing
GregorIAN Rating
Super simple but really cute.
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