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Risuna Rating
*only read the first chapter when writing this review* so far I completely love this - the premise makes me laugh, my favorite character is the shinigami & I super can't wait for more chapters to be released~!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
So funny! What an OTT premise for a story, but it works really well. Love that the girl is so funny. Grim reaper is a hoot as well. Also, really like the fact that this mangaka is giving each of these guys a backstory to give them more depth. I wasn't expecting to like the horn dog playboy as much as I did, but he's such a sweetie! I like that this isn't going to be all about the smexy times either. She needs to find the guy she was in love with from the beginning. No easy feat as shown in this second installment. It sucks that she can't remember anyone from before, but they seem to know her. Very interesting, liking how it's keeping me on my toes about who is the one and if someone's plotting something. This Ren guy seems suspicious, kinda also looks like the grim reaper. Maybe I'm looking into this too much. Can't wait for the next installment! Happy reading!
Weeb4Life Rating
Well damn, this got a lot more sweet and emotional than I expected from the premise. The "game" isn't what it seems and the truth will definitely surprise you, in a good way, and is definitely not just an excuse for a cute girl to bang a bunch of hot guys, there's actual, legitimately well-developed plot here. All the MCs were given a good bit of character development (except maybe Ryu), and I grew very fond of all of them (again, except Ryu). The HEA was definitely well earned and almost made me tear up. WARNING though, there's two scenes of non-con: one of almost r*pe and another scene of actual r*pe (that, to me, felt both worse and better than the former, somehow), so if you're sensitive to this content then beware! Apart from those two scenes, the rest of the story is more light-hearted and genuinely enjoyable to read. The smut is also drawn pretty well and suitably sexy.
Jenangelx3 Rating
This was totally not what I was expecting but I loved the story. It's hot but full of drama despite only being 7 volumes. It was such a roller coaster. Completely recommend!
Sighz Rating
Plot, & characters are well done. A little rushed on development, but acceptable. Decent smut.
SakuraHime Rating
Highly recommend! Just the right amount of romance and sexy scenes! Has become one of my favorite authors here :) Cannot wait for more from them! You won't regret it!
LeniBazooka Rating
A really Good story
Lumina77 Rating
I really liked this manga! Wish it was longer honestly. Loved the characters and the plot.
iori Rating
Funny love story
lumiinya Rating
Very cute story!
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