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Queenie8393 Rating
This is a prequel to another manga, and reading this prequel forced me to read the other one. The love story is so sweet, and the smut all seems relevant, not forced, and its all consensual. My favorite by far. Don't rent, buy.
MonSu Rating
I was in looove with the previous connected series, and am so happy to be given more - and with a different kind of character development this time around, as you get to see how they grew into the characters you already know and love. Huge fan of all this author's work, this series is no exception and really has me. Thank you
saynerd Rating
This is one series that will have you re-reading the previous chapter every week, and it is WORTH IT! The art is absolutely exceptional and the stories always tug at the heart strings. I should also mention how much you will fall in love with the characters. ;3 I agree with previous reviews; do not rent, BUY! You will want this in your collection.
legallybling Rating
Heart-pounding background story for "Let's become a family/Kazoku ni narou yo." I loked that title so this one is an instant buy. Love the childhood friends dynamic, it feels genuine and sincere but also full of desire while not being overly dramatic.
shihori01 Rating
Such a sweet story! The pace felt just right. Could not stop reading after chapter 2. Buy it! It's definitely a keeper!
aokippoi Rating
I loved this series! The art style, the fluffiness, with a hint of angst
Gloria Rating
If you've read "Let's Be a Family!!" then this is a must-read! I loved then depiction of Chiaki's and Kazuma's relationship, its nuances and the changes, and how they navigate from friends to lovers.
LMonster2 Rating
I just have to say that I love this first volume of the of the 2 parter because the growth of these two characters love and affection for each other is so well written and displayed. It shows the struggle of falling for your childhood friend who is the same sex as you and the struggle between that love and wanting to not lose the life you had before those feelings were known. You will not regret reading this story and be sure to get the sequel because I've read it before buying these books and both are AMAZING!
amudarya311 Rating
i'm so weak for childhood friends trope and the story of kazuma and chiaki is by far my favourite from any manga! i loooveee how the author was not afraid to portray them as flawed characters as teenagers, and it makes it so much more rewarding seeing how their relationship actually helps them to be more mature. the angst was tastefully done and it's so refreshing to see a couple so sure with their feelings towards each other that even when they're fighting they never once thought about breaking up or leaving the other - soulmate behaviour <3
neferpitou Rating
Wholesome romance with a great art style.
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