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Mrsmangame123 Rating
I'm already addicted to this manga! It's so cute. Iori is a 25 yo tomboy working at a cute cafe who is constantly comparing herself to other women who seem to be the epitome of feminine charm. Don't know why, since she's as cute as a button, but I'm guessing we'll get more backstory on her lack of confidence later on. She's got a big time crush on the pastry chef, Sato, who is an absolute dreamboat. He's constantly getting confessed to, but never goes out with any of them, huh? This gets to the smexy times pretty quick and it's pretty hot, but our girl isn't prepared at all for all of Sato's ahem, attributes. Can't wait to continue reading about their newfound love proceeding from that little awkward snafus towards the end of the first installment. Art is super nice too! Liking this immensely.
vxl Rating
It is definitely very cute to start, not to mention Iori is my favorite kind of heroine in terms of looks and personality. However, the story does rush a bit in the first chapter and I think it might have suited it better to take its time, at least a little more. It was still very enjoyable and I can't wait to see how it develops.
georgia83609 Rating
it is very cute!!
os090591 Rating
It was interesting but censored.
bluerabu Rating
The beginning is definitely rushed, but the story plays out beautifully. The characters are well-written into their roles and relatable, and there are really cute and silly moments throughout. The twist in chapter 8 was beautifully done and had me in tears. Protect Iori at all costs.
mellowfluff Rating
I want more chapters! But first chapter is pretty good. Some story, some background, and gets in to some steamy scenes quickly but not all the way. I like the art too!
Lulu1112 Rating
I really enjoyed this series. Sota and Iori are so passionate. However I don't like the recent chapters at all. I don't like the inclusion of Sota's awful brother at all.
Foxy Rating
I wish it was longer for the price but I do like the series.
kokonut Rating
**Review based on first few chapters** The story seems pretty promising. I really like the artwork which is pretty dreamy. The manga is about a girl who is self-conscious of her small breasts and boyish looks, working alongside a handsome guy who has feminine features. They make a nice couple and right from the start it's clear they like each other a lot. For me this is a really good thing since it's frustrating if the main characters have to go round in circles to realise this. The manga isn't that funny nor does it have a super interesting plot, but it makes you want to continue reading to see what the relationship will be like. The girl is likeable, and the guy is alright but very forward (!)
Irvinfiejien Rating
I like the story, the plot, the art. Everything. But at the first chapter, I think the story is moving too fast. But the later chapters are great. The girl is so cute and the boy is so handsome and cool. I don't regret that I buy the chapters. It's worth it.
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