User Reviews For: A Girl in a Boys' Dorm. -A Dangerous Guy on the Bottom Bunk-


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Avocado94 Rating
I enjoy how quick the storyline starts, I like the story so far. I hope it becomes a sexy short less than 20 chapters kind of art. those are the best to reread and get your heart swooning or pumping! I recommend if you like dominant or pushy guys in your stories
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Love the "girl posing as boy in high school setting" trope! The art is so good! The boy is a total hottie and a major jerk and the girl is super pretty and cute and of course naïve. He's a horny teenager and their first impression is less than stellar. And once the cats out of the bag and he propositions her in order to keep said secret, secret I hope no more OW make an appearance cause I like loyal guys. So far there isn't really much of a story going on despite what's necessary to set up the scene. It's pretty much just enough plot to move them from one smexy scene to the next. But hey, it's so pretty to look at and a bit funny, so no complaints whatsoever! I'm really digging that this main guy is being portrayed as a real bad boy, so I'm hoping we get to see his softer side as the story progresses. And that our heroine doesn't give in to easily. Squee! Need the next chapter, like right now!
TheMorbidDoll Rating
It's....interesting. The story is smooth, and draws you in just enough to keep your attention. The art is shakey, some panels being well done, others being pretty sloppy, and some disregarding anatomy entirely. I feel the way the two main characters are tied together is a bit rushed, I would have liked to see it more fleshed out. There are better manga on Renta that cost the same with better story and art.
Bananamilk Rating
Interesting story so far, albeit a bit predictable. The male protagonist is your typical player with a caring and charming side, while the female protagonist is a bit naive. I'm hoping to see character development in the next chapters.
jasskaur Rating
The protagonist is really naive, and the guy well his first impression is really bad, but he has caring side for the protagonist
MissStelle Rating
I love it so much~ can't wait to read te next volume
Etc Rating
I love the story, the characters, etc. One thing that made me rate it 3 stars is the fact that it was cut waaaay too short. Only 3 chapters yet the series is already complete. Was really anticipating for the next chapters...
ebookrenta0wzrun3ah Rating
nice plot
UnaMors Rating
The art is great and the male lead is well aware of how much of a jerk he is. Even so it's a pretty enjoyable book, I recommend it.
Titania Rating
I love the art! It's drawn so well and it's easy to understand , so is the pacing of the story.
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