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sereneione Rating
Totally met the expectations set by the first volume. Can't wait for the rest of the chapters!
hanayohentai Rating
YES!!!! I love Niyama-sensei's works so much, and this manga is no different. This couple is so sweet and adorable, I'm so glad they got a second book. And WHEW them H-scenes! So hot omg
kayura Rating
AGSLAKGAFKSKSFSGA!!!!! I love this manga so much!!!! The wonderful build up from book 1 and now we are here! Happiness, bliss (blisters ;D) and now tension!!!! I couldn't be happier!
isalicegermain4454 Rating
Loved it form the first page to the last one ! I was so happy to see those two lovers again. Now what can I say except : when will they release my dearest cop thrrreeeee !!??
Aymaan143 Rating
Honestly one of the sweetest stories I've ever read, relationship wise they're incredibly pure (not to say the same about their bedroom activities though) and you just keep wanting more of their relationship.
opippy77 Rating
SO FREAKIN' HAWT! I loved the 1st series. I adore this sequel!! The art is so good, & the story is actually super sweet. & INCREDIBLY sexy... I drool for those Seiji ecstasy faces!
theakaneko Rating
So happy this series is back... I love this couple; they are so sweet together. Another great story and one I hope will continue soon.
raey Rating
I dont know what to say. Really warming my heart T-T thank you for all this beautiful story Niyama sensei T-T love your works so much im going crazy Y-Y
yuudachi Rating
I loved it!!!!! This is everything I like in a series. Since this is a sequel, they are already an established relationship and the chapters are all just domestic bliss and detailed sex scenes. The art style is gorgeous, the seme dude is super hot (who they can't stop making big dick jokes about), and the couple's dynamic is so sweet and funny. All I could ask for! I want to own this physically
Mangagirl123 Rating
I absolutely love this continuation! The author has done it again and I'm ready for the next series!
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