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sereneione Rating
Totally met the expectations set by the first volume. Can't wait for the rest of the chapters!
hanayohentai Rating
YES!!!! I love Niyama-sensei's works so much, and this manga is no different. This couple is so sweet and adorable, I'm so glad they got a second book. And WHEW them H-scenes! So hot omg
kayura Rating
AGSLAKGAFKSKSFSGA!!!!! I love this manga so much!!!! The wonderful build up from book 1 and now we are here! Happiness, bliss (blisters ;D) and now tension!!!! I couldn't be happier!
opippy77 Rating
SO FREAKIN' HAWT! I loved the 1st series. I adore this sequel!! The art is so good, & the story is actually super sweet. & INCREDIBLY sexy... I drool for those Seiji ecstasy faces!
theakaneko Rating
So happy this series is back... I love this couple; they are so sweet together. Another great story and one I hope will continue soon.
ggggdds Rating
i love this manga... i love shin and seiji sm. plus this whole thing where you expect shin to be stoic but he's instead very soft and caring. you'd think seiji would be "classic bl straight man swayed by persistent hot boy", but he's actually a loving, insecure guy who finds a lot of comfort in shin. it's not perfect, and i'm not totally convinced that seiji is with shin for all the right reasons. by this i mean - seiji was clearly lonely at the beginning of the manga, and ended up relying on shin for comfort/literal warmth. which is sweet, and i understand that this is often how relationships go, but deeply i want mutual love. i'd love for seiji to be a little more convincing in his desire to stay with shin "forever," but i'm not really sure how this works. still! a good read
faer Rating
Niyama makes some of the cutest stories! Shin and Seiji are just as funny and in love as in the first My Dearest Cop, and this was just as heartwarming (and sexy) to read.
ebookrenta02vt3ospw Rating
vinlena Rating
FANTASTIC continuation of My Dearest Cop Vol 1. I could read about this couple for 10 more volumes and it still wouldn't be enough!! If you're reading this and you *haven't* already bought everything of Niyama-sensei's that Renta has, please just do yourself a favor and get them all. You will not regret it.
bigeneral Rating
I really appreciate these kind of everyday, mundane lifestyle stories. Niyama's artwork is always a treat and I'm so happy that I can see it along with a story that is as sweet as this one. I could honestly read another volume, but I'm also okay with where the story has ended.
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