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Mrsmangame123 Rating
It's only the first chapter and I already love this! First, love the title! It's so matter of fact and funny in the context of the story. Next, the art is pretty good. We've got the good for nothing black sheep of his family womanizer Yuto who just messed with the wrong guy's woman. Love that the two leads know each other from school and have a bit of a history. Also loving the fact that Kaname was a cherry boy and is so serious about making Yuto his for life! It's yaoi and its fictional, so I'll overlook the whole "ownership" thing and just go along for the ride. Can't wait to see how this pans out and hoping we get flashbacks! So far this is funny and it looks like it'll be cute too!
sdab Rating
Just another generic BL story where the sex is dubcon at best, but flourishes into love once the uke realizes how much the seme cares for them. If you find holding someone against their will and forcing them to have sex without, then this is the story for you. 2 stars instead of 1 because the art was nice and consistent.
anonmaly Rating
Absolutely adorable story with a smattering of nice smut to really give fujoshis/fudanshis what they want in a Yaoi! Story is told from the uke's perspective, a natural born playboy with few redeeming qualities. He messes up the engagement of a wealthy heir who also happens to be his old high school friend and shenanigans ensue. Warning: there is some questionable consent (in the way of the Yaoi-verse where forceful sex is a sign of true love, just avoid it if this title of this is a sensitive issue for you). But overall the story is a romantic comedy with a sweet conclusion. This was my personal cup of tea and I for one really loved the story from the first chapter. Tags: confinement and coerced sex (but played off comedically rather than seriously), first love
sereneione Rating
I have mixed feelings about this manga. It has its funny parts, but also plenty of things left hanging, giving you a sense of incompleteness even when it came to an end. I'm not on board with the forced captivity and sex (even if the reason was explained in a bit more detail afterwards), but at the same time the captive was portrayed in such a way that you almost don't feel bad for him at all. It's got a happy enough ending, but getting there was a bit of a bumpy ride, not just for the characters but also for the readers.
7143983643 Rating
It's a good read.
Frankie Rating
So cute and funny! A seme who's a virgin interesting
Puppydog7 Rating
oh yes!!!!!!!!!! this is a great story!!!!!!
AinoKusabi Rating
With every chapter, the story gets better and more interesting. I'm curious as to where it will all lead.
afukafu Rating
Very interesting! I'm so looking foward to the next chap!
Akashicchi Rating
This looks like it'll be very cute. I like how there is prior connection between the two leads. This is an incredibly good first chapter.
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