User Reviews For: The Dog Spirit and the Shrine Maiden [Plus Renta!-Only Bonus]


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deatheatercharlie Rating
Dont spend your money on this. It is a good way up, but that's all it is. Depending on how much is it updated it could get better. Absolutely nothing happens the first chapter.
SunnyEWA Rating
I understand the point of view of a few of the reviewers about the female character. I still really enjoyed it though. She is a bit of a cry baby and gives up way too easily. That said both of the main characters are trying to balance familial duty, belief, and modern thoughts on how a person lives. It ends in a sweet relationship once they work through their communication issues and world views.
Yahiko03 Rating
This is crap. The main female is annoying
HMSTerror Rating
Really sweet, and the protagonist really isn't THAT bad. The sex more than makes up for it, imo.
bananaheaven1991 Rating
I like it so far. I like the supernatural elements plus the ecchi romance.
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