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Mrsmangame123 Rating
It's Nyan-Nya! So you know this is gonna be so much more than your typical bl story. Childhood friends who haven't seen each or kept in touch for a while are finally in the same space again for summer. Logan is tired of being a loner virgin and Daniel suggests he help him out. Daniel is an enigma. He keeps to himself and thanks to the anonymity of hookup apps, no one really knows who he sleeps with and what he's got going on inside of his head. These are young guys trying to figure out where they're going and what they want out of life. Nyan-Nya always does a great job of combining her humor with the right amount of angst. The art is unusual, but cool and it works for her storytelling. The dialogue is so spot on and realistic. This whole story is very realistic and almost bittersweet, but I can tell it's going to have a bunch of heart as well. Can't wait to see how this all pans out.
rabesXO Rating
In Jawbreaker, Nyan-Nya has created another Japanese-style American BL story. Logan and Daniel are childhood friends. Logan is a frustrated virgin with zero experience and nervously takes up Daniel's offer to be his kissing practice partner after it's offered in a very off-hand, take-it-or-leave-it way. Though her art style is great, I find it difficult to get emotionally invested in Nyan-Nya's stories. Logan and Daniel are very hard for me to relate to and I find it almost impossible to comprehend the way they act and react towards one another as the series moves forward. In my reading, Jawbreaker feels like a sort of caricature of Nyan-Nya's perception of American attitudes towards sexuality and relationships. Jawbreaker is not a bad series. Not by a long shot. I adore Nyan-Nya's art style and her sense of humor is great. There's also a hearty dose of angst, if that happens to be your thing. Evidently it isn't my cup of tea but I'll certainly be reading 'til the end.
kleepart Rating
I love this mangaka. Her art style is unique and the stories are interesting. This one is nice because it really plays with the childhood friends trope. If I say too much what I like about it it'll spoil it. There are lots of little funny moments, but I wouldn't say that's it's all happy-happy. It's certainly worth a read and worth buying.
Lantern88 Rating
As per usual, Nyan Nya sensei has written an amazing piece of work! Very hot scenes, but also a good level of intrigue that has you guessing what the characters are going to do next.
isalicegermain4454 Rating
OMG ! I loved it so much ! The storyline is modern, feels kind of new and the characters are awesome. The art is beautiful and you can say that the artist put herself too the heart into this manga. Kind of remember me what it means to be young, full of doubt and in love. Only regret maybe, the end. Let's just hope the mangaka will publish an other story ASAP. That apart, I enjoyed the reading and the complicated relationship and state of mind of those two young men who are still not completely adults.
howlmachine Rating
I found the ending to be a little abrupt and unsatisfying, but on the whole it was cute and enjoyable.
CountSpatula Rating
Its a slightly different childhood friend story and I do appreciate the author's take which surprised me. And it certainly was hot and steamy. But sadly absolutely none of the characters appealed to me. The love interest is, to me, blatantly unlikable. So unlikable and mean that it made it hard for me to believe the main character (who is an emotional dummy) would ever stick around him. A person with any sense wouldnt touch this man with a 10ft pole as he has no redeeming qualities apart from being good and available for seggs. Again its hot and all but if I hadnt got them all at once I wouldnt have bothered finishing it
Jelibelli Rating
I want to give this 5 stars because it's good, it doesn't hit the emotional beats, kinda just glazed over them. It's a strong 4.5, though. I wish the author had pushed a little deeper and expressed all the emotions these two go thru! You get setup to tearbend but the next panel throws you off.
Rikapjong Rating
Ah, the complexity of the human mind. Nyannya, as always, does with a mix of humour and angst a great job at diving into the complex layers of the ever changing emotions of humans. The only thing bothering me is the abrupt end. There could have been another omake to tie it together more nicely.
eyelessjackel Rating
I love this series! I just love Nyan-Nya's style her characters are always so interesting and funny. She turns tropes on their head in a really fresh and brilliant way in this one. The art is great, the writing is great. This manga is quality. I really hope there's a volume 2 soon!
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