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funbrillo Rating
Niyama did it again. I love all of the manga by Niyama so far. This has a good amount of smut, a cute story, and it is not heavy on angst. All of the characters, including side characters, are lovable. Even the one shot in it was okay and fluffy but the main story I will be re-reading over and over again.
HorseObsessed Rating
Warning: the 1st Chapter is all Non-Con. Manami (Yakuza Loan Shark) threatens & forces himself on Makoto. Despite having quite a few titles with that premise, I don't like that type of thing. Aside from that, the story is quite fun to read. (& I know I'm excusing it here, I really shouldn't). Does the fact that I still like it (& the other titles with that premise that I own) make me weird? The one story that I don't like in here is 'Magic Banana'.
erinbl21 Rating
I loved "Spend Wisely" so much! I wasn't completely sold on the premise before reading it, but I was won over completely within the first chapter. I really enjoyed the art and the smut was good!There's something about a weird situation progressing to more that speaks to me. I really liked the main characters and the side characters were hilarious!
fluffyunicorn89 Rating
Not hating it but the cover picture doesn't truly reflect the story. The best thing by far was Minami. Loved his evolution as a character. It would have been even better if the story was stretched out over more chapters, to allow for more of a build up to the reveal of his true nature. That would also give Makoto an opportunity to have a few more layers. Overall really enjoyed it and would love to read more about these two.
nu99 Rating
THEY ARE SO ADORABLE!!!I love this so much, love this kind of pair, an active badass but sexy uke, and a good boy seme, everybody else is also cute. This really made my day, I was smilling all the way from the first page till the end. <3
vyu Rating
Niyama's art is lovely, the smut is great, and the characters were all likable. This manga is light-hearted with some humor, but main characters had some character growth too. I hope Renta gets the license to publish the sequel featuring Manami's older brother Minoru!
Glory Rating
Worth every penny. Niyama-Sensei's always strike the perfect balance between funny, sexy and wholesome and this one is no exception. I'm looking forward to see the Spin-Off story published here in Renta as well.
zhein Rating
Hilarious and sweet and sexy all the same time. Loved it!
gayjellyfish Rating
Quality smut and quality fluff AND quality comedy. Love it uwu
LokoSmiles Rating
My favorite one ever! I love the art, the characters and the writing. So SEXY! So STEAMY! Just amazing all around. Ive come back, again and again, can't get enough. Give it a read, you won't be disappointed.
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