User Reviews For: Dripping from His Fingertips! -How the Selfish Prince Hunts-


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Binx0r Rating
The art and MC kept it from one star. This is a sexual assault story with very little chance of the attacker learning anything or being punished. It's a dime a dozen concept and it's pretty gross to boot. Keep away. Unless you have a non-con fetish, I guess.
Hamsooo Rating
In this comic ONLY the drawing is a bit good...story is rushed along with sex scenes.
NikitaNeeneelee12 Rating
Everything is so rushed. I get the story but I feel like the author was rushing through everything. We get bits and pieces of the model's background and that's it, time skips quickly without it saying that there's a time skip. Definitely give it a 2 stars.
Misheru Rating
The art is wonderful and the characters are rather strong. The story though there was some major flaws. In any case it is a adequate manga.
H00Tyhoo Rating
I thought this was really cute and fun! The art is lovely and the story has lots of little comedic beats. It did feel pretty rushed, but i'm glad I gave it a shot despite the reviews. It's pretty lighthearted with a dash of sexy and i'd recommend it as a quick fun read!
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