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Avocado94 Rating
one of my favorites I've purchased on this site! the pace, plots and amount of sexuality are well balanced, steamy, cute and romantic. all the stories are enjoyable!
erinface Rating
Pretty lame. The characters don't have chemistry or any real characteristics. The setup is really bland and contrived. Not worth it. The art is nice.
GhostUmbrella Rating
TLDR: Highly recommend, sexy with good female leads and sweet emotions. This is a set comprised of 5 chapters, with the first three focused on the first couple and the last 2 on 2 other couples. I'll be focusing on the first couple just to make things easier, though all the chapters were good. I found that, while we've seen scenarios of meeting people while it's raining before, it didn't feel weird or forced, and I really enjoyed the development between the two. I love that the female mc was so in touch with her emotions and straightforward with how she felt, and that she had a positive influence on the make mc. Very sweet and very hot. Last thing, I looooove that the second female mc is in touch with her sexual side and not shamed for it, it feels rare to find that on this site sometimes. Frankly, that applies to all the women in this collection, but she gets a special mention.
riha7 Rating
Thid story is soo cute! i love it!
Jedirenagade Rating
I wish I could give this a 4.5. I like the first story but I feel like the female MC needs to be a little less of a pushover. But the other 2 stories are great!
Vuongha1998 Rating
Friends with benefits are not so bad afterall. Our main heroine found her destined partner after getting dumped by her boyfriend with tears in her eyes, waltzing down the street found the love of her life. This manga unexpectedly earned my love and support. I didn't know that stories like these could make me succumb with bliss... I've brought it, this hearthrob story should also be in your collection!
ebookrenta0uf5ojfzy Rating
I went in with low expectations left and was pleasantly surprised
CieL Rating
Ow great! So glad I bought it, totally not a waste! Collections of few short stories with 1 main story in 2 chapter + additional after story (and other stories). The art's super great with lots of MC guys and good plot as well. Those lucky girls made me envy my life~ meet up with such a handsome guys as partnerAll's great, a bit pricey actually.. But not regret it at all. Bought it! Don't rent!
tofuchan Rating
I liked ALL the stories that were offered- plenty of sex too. Artwork is excellent.... worth the purchase.
littleponta Rating
The story doesn't get me interest in it much as I expected it to be but it's still a pretty good one. Love the art though.
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