User Reviews For: Lovestruck in High School


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daisuke Rating
I waited a year for the fourth chapter to go up and man is it worth the wait! Still a great art style and the story always has you wanting to read more and more
Daiyaa Rating
So cute and refreshing. It's like a Harem BL. LOve it
Senashin Rating
One of my fav artists!! I usually don't like characters who
Rainbowfujoshipanda Rating
So far, so good! I'm enjoying this funny MC!
Maevalily Rating
That one part where Haru crawled out from underneath the bed had me dying lolLoved it! Would've wanted just 1 bed scene but alas
Ryudei Rating
This was so funny and cute!! It jokingly includes a bunch of tropes and cliches, and I actually laughed out loud several times. The relationship was super cute too, I really wish there were more~
chocoripeyes Rating
This manga is hilarious!!!! Got a great laugh from it. I recommend it if you're looking for something light-hearted but seriously funny.
icslash Rating
Good art and story full of fluff. Despite the rating there is very little smut and none at the end. If you are looking for smut with the fluff then this isn't the story for you. The first chapter is misleading.However the art and fluff is lovely. Just wish there was a payoff at the end like other titles
carrots Rating
The art style is very nice, and it's a simple story (Though the Aki's brother weirded me out).
Amelia Rating
I thought it was gonna be bad at first based on the first volume, but I was pleasantly surprised. It's cute and funny and honestly not what you would expect based off the description of the manga. Definitely worth the read.