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MissStelle Rating
Give me moreee please I love it so much
cohen5483 Rating
To sum it up without trying to ruin much...the heroine is being FORCED against her will by the male lead who likes her but has the worst way of showing it (teasing + lots of sexual harassment + more) because he's sadistic as hell (which I'm sure some of you may enjoy but not my cup of tea when its to this degree). There were many opps for the heroine to have a little more dimension but in the end, it comes off like a weak girl being taken advantage of by a sadist - kind of anti-climatic (pardon the pun). I've read the first 3 chapters and can't even bare to read anymore because based on the previews of the next chapters, you can totally predict what will happen. If you're here only for the smit, go for it - go for it, the story dev, though, is quite distasteful.
georgia83609 Rating
It is amazing!! Please update it soon!!!
Mrsmangame123 Rating
Wow! What a pervy older brother. It's cute for sure, nice art and the stepbrother is my teacher and living in the same house trope is one I enjoy immensely. But if dubious consent ain't your thing and you take these type of storylines too seriously then maybe skip this one. There is zero character growth or development of any kind going on, it's just pure smut. Enjoy!!!
kitten91 Rating
I love it. Haha! It's cute.
Guest1234 Rating
Amberly928 Rating
I love it! I need more asap!
Tath123 Rating
Not a bad storyline and it's cute!!
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