User Reviews For: How Did I Fall in Love With You!?


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bigeneral Rating
Basic, but very cute. It's a cliche plot but doesn't try to sell itself off as anything special. The character interactions are cute, but definitely needed more development. Can't wait to see a sequel for the cousin and swim caption though :) As always, the art is wonderful.
fideliashoshanah Rating
Sweet, simple, straightforward--the only drawback is how abruptly it ends. There's a short afterstory from the POV of another character that softens the blow a bit, but I'm left feeling more interested in buying the sequel to see if there's any more content for these characters than the ones it's meant to be about. The boys featured here are clueless and well-intentioned, and I honestly liked them both a lot. The sex was honestly a bit unnecessary; had it been removed the story would have been the same, only driven by purely romantic drama, which was definitely the highlight of the comic even as it stands.
Bellpepper69 Rating
Meh. It's a very cliche love/hate turned romance type story. The art is somewhat okay. I think if the art were better I could forgive the over done story. There's even a scene were the uke knocks a soda off of a table and somehow ends up under the seme. It looks very forced and makes no sense, so I laughed at that part at least.
bookgurl20 Rating
Super cute, re read all the time.
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