User Reviews For: Sleeping with the Enemy [Plus Digital-Only Bonus]


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Mrsmangame123 Rating
This was so good!!! Art is nice and I love how all the characters are interconnected. The first story is about enemies to lovers that work together and pretty much get off on arguing with one another. My favorite story though has to be about the couple that meet on the train as one is being molested and the other steps in to help. Liked the little extra panels and story at the end. It was cute and hot to boot too!
sdab Rating
First off, this is one of those manga where the cover art is a lot nicer than the rest of it... not that it's horrible. The cover is quite nice, but the actual art inside is average. The stories are enjoyable, but nothing to write home about. Sleeping/Trapped/Falling for the Enemy (C1-3) is the main story about two co-workers who hate each other. I think this would have been great as a full volume, with a slower development from hate to love. Overall, it was good. 1+ point for rimming. The Straight Guy and the Beast (C4) is a man how masturbates to rented AV at a manga cafe and accidentally rents a gay porn video. Smut ensures. It was okay. A 32-Year-Old Virgin Gets Felt Up (C5) on a train but gets rescued by another dude. They fall in love and bang. It was cute. The School Nurse is After Me (C6) I dislike the school nurse/student trope, but if that is your thing, you'd probably enjoy this smutty short. The Straight Guy(?) and the Beast (C5 extra) is a nice extra piece of smut.
emilyyy Rating
The main story was alright, and the side story about the guy saving another guy from a train molester was good, but the other two left me feeling creeped out...very non-con.
PennyDreadful Rating
This one is cute, and also smexy hot. I really liked the art, and the characters. Nothing gets too serious, but the stories are sweet, and naughty. I was on the fence about it, especially since it didn't have a two day rental option, but I'm glad I bought it. I'll be rereading it for sure. Looking forward to more by this author.
Torihakarau Rating
I enjoyed the main story and the "32 year old virgin" side story. Wish there was more of both!! Couples were quite cute and dynamic. I was not a huge fan of the other side stories as they were non-consent based, but the art was still nice.
dliving222 Rating
This book is great! I really like all the different characters and love the art!
BlueBanan Rating
Just bought it to read the first story =P Love it! But wish it was more. It could have been a story for itself. Dont care for the other stories.
Usagichan Rating
Loved it! Every now again I want a short quick read, this totally filled that need. The first couple is great, Kagami's blushes very adorable. While the school nurse wasn't my favorite, The nurse himself is incredibly hot. Very happy I bought this I will reread.
ebookrenta0rnviuudi Rating
Loved it!! The manga was done good and has a great plot!! I re-read it a couple of times now!
BlackBelle Rating
I LOVED this!! Multiple stories with sexy couple, hot sex, and really funny to boot. It's hard to pick a favorite couple from this as each story is VASTLY different. And at the end of the book, in the colored pages, the show how each character ties into each other, even though each story is stand alone. I loved the relations! I really wish each one of these couples had more chapters, as they were all fantastic.
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