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Mrsmangame123 Rating
Whoa whoa whoa!! This was steamy! Wow! And pretty predictable but in the best kinds of way. I'm loving the art and the fast pace of this story. We get a little bit of background, not too much so far. The H is a wild card, by day he seems prince-like and by night he be a beast, grrr! Nice!!! And the h seems pretty typical like in most love manga, but I'm liking her too! The relationship progression is very fast, but it still has some swoon like aspects in there that I'm really digging. Can't wait for more, it's cute!!
ReadingForTheArticles Rating
The story is a bit thin, but the artwork is really clear and the pacing keeps it moving. The best part in my opinion is that after the first shy sexual encounter, she makes it clear she's interested in more sex. She doesn't stop being kinda shy, but there is clear consent and they're sweet inbetween the spicy moments. This one is definitely in my top 5!
cinnamindy Rating
Short, sweet and spicy! It's so short that there isn't much development but it's still pretty steamy and I enjoyed it. For the price, I think it's worth it.
Yahiko03 Rating
I don't know about all that sweat from wrestling and than kissing up on the girl. The female is not even drawn pretty.
Bananamilk Rating
The story was short and somewhat predictable but overall cute. Akiyoshi was an eyecandy, and the smut scenes were very hot.
anz8908 Rating
I like the story, short and funny. I came to like the Male lead despite being a short story- which honestly I prefer it that way.
mellowfluff Rating
Pretty good! Story is not very deep but.. we aren't really here for the story now, are we? Love scenes are good and it gets to the point quickly. But the scenes are over just as quickly as they started. For the price you pay, not bad. This title is not going to be in my top 10 fav love mangas but somewhere in my top 25 probably.
SweetToSweet Rating
I loved the chemistry between the characters. The story and characters aren't as fleshed out as I would have liked but pretty typical for a series with so few volumes. What really makes this a standout series to me is the fact that the leads aee mutually attracted to eachother and both take an active role in the relationship and sex. They're both into it as opposed to a lot of series where the girl starts out averse the idea of having sex with the male lead (which honestly makes me so uncomfortable.)This is a great example of a femalr who wants sex and it makes the whole thing a lot hotter.
Jiminsabs Rating
Fun short story helps pass the time!
Nonyabiz Rating
Good storyline- lead is Hot!
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