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funbrillo Rating
I am going to give it 5 stars but may be more of a 4 star story. It was cute. It is childhood friends to lovers. Of course the seme did not remember the uke at first. Now I need a sequel for Yaoi and his potential love interest. I think that story would be awesome. Yaoi the friend in this was a bit more interesting to me than the MC but still a good mainly drama free romance.
naughtycanuck Rating
It's fine! Nothing too notable for a story about childhood friends become lovers. Although their mutual friend, a fundanshi, has good potential for a spin off chapter
boxenracing Rating
I really hope there is a sequel following Yaoi and his potential love interest. The main story for this one is fine, although I didn't quite like how the childhood friend premise was done. In the end I found myself to be more interested in Yaoi's story and what would potentially happen with the other guy than I was with the main couple. So, long story short, please give my boy Yaoi some love!
Pinkcandycane Rating
This is so cute! I love boys love manga!
acedevorak Rating
The pacing is actually pretty refreshing! And I love this art style so so much. It's a really nice quick read with a lot of cute moments. Also I'm laughing that Yaoi likes yaoi...
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