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acedevorak Rating
The pacing is actually pretty refreshing! And I love this art style so so much. It's a really nice quick read with a lot of cute moments. Also I'm laughing that Yaoi likes yaoi...
funbrillo Rating
I am going to give it 5 stars but may be more of a 4 star story. It was cute. It is childhood friends to lovers. Of course the seme did not remember the uke at first. Now I need a sequel for Yaoi and his potential love interest. I think that story would be awesome. Yaoi the friend in this was a bit more interesting to me than the MC but still a good mainly drama free romance.
boxenracing Rating
I really hope there is a sequel following Yaoi and his potential love interest. The main story for this one is fine, although I didn't quite like how the childhood friend premise was done. In the end I found myself to be more interested in Yaoi's story and what would potentially happen with the other guy than I was with the main couple. So, long story short, please give my boy Yaoi some love!
Kiris Rating
Quirky and fun. Interesting plot, fun little twists, and the characters all have personality and lives. I'm hopeful to get a second edition with Yaoi's story! It's exactly the kind of story that get you interested enough in the characters lives if you want follow up stories about those characters!
naughtycanuck Rating
It's fine! Nothing too notable for a story about childhood friends become lovers. Although their mutual friend, a fundanshi, has good potential for a spin off chapter
Pinkcandycane Rating
This is so cute! I love boys love manga!
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