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kleepart Rating
OMG!!! I'm so f***ing stoked that this mangaka is available on here. I also find it hilarious that this is the one they start with!!! No complaints here though. The art work is great, the story is fun, and the smut is ah-MAAAAAA-zing. If you're not into slightly...less common kinks, it may be a bit much. But honestly, this is some winner por--er I mean yaoi right here.Read it!!!! I hope hope hope that we get more of this mangaka's work as well.
idgal Rating
This book features one of my favorite yaoi fetish, sounding and contains story features one couple having a lot of smutty sex with urethra play ( done well) and ahegoe. I like that it had the POV from both MC and you can read their side. Really love this artist works as she draws great smut scene ( her uke ahegoe are the best) but the story is also romantic . Hoping to see more on Renta from Michinoku.
funbrillo Rating
I love this manga. I would actually like to see more by this mangaka. The story was steamy and showed a nice development to their relationship. Also, a little twist around the end of Chp 3/beginning Chp 4. Great art and I think the couple being in the whole book makes it feel satisfying and the story doesn't end too quickly. No real drama for the couple either like some yaoi. They eventually talk it out and no one runs off to do anything stupid.
MeisterJ Rating
Quality consensual teasing. It's pwp that gets heart. Lovely art, so many good faces.
urara Rating
I'm beyond excited and happy to see Michinoku Atami-sensei's work when I was scrolling the latest title that I immediately stopped everything and got the title for unlimited time so I can read this over and over and over again.YES IT'S THAT GREAT. This title is one of the rare gem where fetishes are done right with consensual sensuality and sexiness~
saynerd Rating
Hot. Damn. Do not get me wrong, the story is cute and all, but let's be honest. Come for the beautiful art and scene after scene after scene of... hot damn.
ebookrenta06d0q5en0 Rating
To be completely honest this manga is the reason I finally signed up for renta lol I read the sample and completely hooked. The story very interesting and as someone who have medical background I'm happy the author did some research how to do this kind of plaything seriously. I love the beautiful art too. A complete package!
cslebras Rating
This is quality yaoi on a level you don't see among a lot of the others on this site. It really is well worth trying even if the kink is not something you think you could stand. That aspect of the story is not that critical to its enjoyment. The characters are well developed and the artwork is outstanding. This book was apparently well received in Japan. I would love to see more work of this caliber on this site. Really I will read this again, it was very hot and very satisfying to read as a story.
HeyHeyShinomiyasan Rating
Ok so this is actually a little different from other Yaoi I've read. Most Yaoi is focues on the MC's discovering their sexuality, or getting used to each other; but this shows their relationship developing throughout the series without that stuff. This is definitely a refreshing read.
AnimusicalC Rating
This is a seriously quality yaoi. The art is gorgeous, the story is good, the smut is hot and well done, the feelings are well handled, and the small amount of drama is dealt with by talking it out. I love this manga and would 100% read more from this mangaka. Seriously. So good.